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Würth Elektronik ICS Download-Center

Würth Elektronik ICS Download-Center

Intelligent Power & Control Systems

Numerous data sheets and brochures as download

Welcome to the Würth Elektronik ICS Download-Center! 

Here you will find all relevant data sheets and brochures for our product portfolio summarized on one page. This gives you a comprehensive overview of our products by allowing you to directly access and download the documents you need as PDF.

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Product collage of different Würth Elektronik ICS products

Power Distribution Units

Product group collage for REDline central electrical units with traffic regulation module and 9-2 module

REDline Central Electrical Units are compact standard modules for power supply or protection of consumers in vehicles. They are based on a modular concept. The core is a basic module, the so-called Traffic Regulation Module. This is supplemented by several additional modules that can be combined as required. In this way, an individual modular system is created from several standard products.

Product data sheets

Two power distribution boxes: REDline Power Box Twin and Hybrid

The REDline Power Boxes are a platform for power distribution solutions in standard housings. The platform is characterized by a short time-to-market, high efficiency, modularity and a convincing service concept. 

For more information, please refer to our REDline Power Boxes brochure (PDF).

Product data sheets

Electronic Controllers

Product collage ICCS Small Controllers

The intelligent ICCS small controllers in the form of relays enable the realization of simple standard and special functions such as delay or pulse functions, frequency or voltage monitoring.

Product data sheets

Product collage ICCS CAN Controller

ICCS CAN controllers are intelligent modules that can function as a standalone solution or extend existing CAN networks. They are suitable for use in mobile machinery and commercial vehicles with the vehicle electrical systems of 9-30 V. Depending on the complexity of the tasks or the number of inputs and outputs required, you can select the right solution for you from a wide range of CAN controllers.

Product data sheets

Product collage of the CAN Box 8FR-6 and CDM-A16 electronic power distribution units

Power Distribution Controllers are programmable controllers whose main task is to supply power and control functions in vehicles. They can be used as stand-alone power distributors or to expand existing systems with additional functions. The electronic power distribution controllers represent a compact and intelligent alternative to our classic central electric units and power boards.

Product data sheets

Product collage Function-specific relays

The intelligent function-specific modules enable the realization of certain functions, such as voltage supply of sensors and small consumers, switching of ohmic loads, etc.

Product data sheets

High Voltage Solutions

Product image of the HV PDU Demonstrator 600 opened, from the front, turned slightly to the right and cropped

Our HV Power Distribution Units in the range from 60 VDC to 1000 VDC distribute power between the battery, on-board charger, inverter and other components such as DC-DC converters as well as consumers such as e.g. heaters. In doing so, they ensure stable and safe connections.

Product data sheet

48 V solutions REDline Power Box twin, mini and hybrid in closed housings

For 48 V architectures in small all-electric or hybrid vehicles, we also offer standardized solutions based on our REDline Power Boxes in addition to customer-specific power distributors for main power distribution.

Product data sheets

HMI Solutions

Product collage of the HMI displays WEcabin Display i5, i7, i10 and i12

Our WEcabin Displays are intelligent HMI solutions for mobile machines and commercial vehicles. Robust, useable and freely programmable, they are universally and flexibly useable in every driver’s cab.

For more information, see our WEcabin Displays brochure (PDF).

Product data sheets

Product picture LED symbol cluster

LED symbol displays from Würth Elektronik ICS are compact, easy-to-integrate LED display solutions with individually configurable front-end design. They can be used to display vehicle and additional functions in commercial vehicles and mobile machines. You can configure the display modules with the WE Flasher Tool.

Product data sheets

PCB Components

Contacting of a printed circuit board with the SKEDD technology

In addition to customized connector systems, we also offer standard connectors in SKEDD technology. This provides a simple and reliable alternative for connecting components to the PCB. This connection is direct, can be made by hand and is reversible, which means that an adapter socket is no longer required.

Product data sheets

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