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48 V Power Distributors

48 V Power Distributors

48 V Solutions

Platform-based or Customized Power Distribution Solutions for Your 48 V Application

For 48 V architectures in small all-electric or hybrid vehicles, we offer customized power distribution units for main power distribution as well as standardized solutions based on our REDline Power Boxes.

REDline Power Box Platform

Based on our REDline Power Boxes platform, we offer standardized power distribution solutions up to 48 V. The REDline Power Boxes are suitable as additional PDUs in 48 V architectures and can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively by using special 48 V components.

Customized Solutions

We develop customized power distribution units (PDUs) based on PCB technology for 48 V applications according to your requirements. These include, for example, main PDUs, battery junction boxes or auxiliary PDUs that integrate various functions (contactors, fuses, measurement and more). You benefit from our many years of know-how and comprehensive service.

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Looking for a 48 V solution?

Looking for a 48 V solution?

We Would Be Happy To Advise You Which of Our Products Will Help You Optimally.

On Request, We Can Also Develop and Produce Customer-specific Solutions for You.

Standardized Platform Solutions for 48 V Applications

Advantages of the REDline PowerBoxes in red boxes

Based on our REDline Power Boxes platform, which is designed as standard for 12/24 V vehicle electrical systems, we also offer standardized solutions for power distribution up to 48 V. In 48 V architectures, the REDline Power Boxes are ideal as additional PDUs for powerful additional components, for example in superstructures and trailers.

The adaptation of REDline Power Boxes for 48 V vehicle electrical systems can be realized quickly and economically by using components such as connectors, fuses and relays that are specifically designed for the 48 V voltage range.

A portfolio of different components, such as the HDSCS-compatible connector module in press-fit technology in group E with up to 18 pins or with the Radlok™- or SurLok™-compatible module for cable connections, provides you with a high degree of modularity.

48 V REDline Power Boxes

Standardized 48 V solution REDline Power Box mini in a closed housing from the back

REDline Power Box Mini 48 V

The REDline Power Box Mini 48 V is the ideal addition for power distribution systems in hybrid or small electric vehicles. Thanks to its compact design, the box is suitable for confined spaces. With the HDSCS-compatible Group E connector with up to 18 pins for the outputs and the SurLok™ module for the inputs, the REDline Power Box Mini becomes a completely pluggable and protected electrical system.

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Standardized 48 V solution REDline Power Box 6F in a closed housing from the front

REDline Power Box 6F 48 V

The REDline Power Box 6F is a fuse box with six MIDI® fuses for primary power distribution in vehicles. The IP66-protected box can be placed directly next to the battery as well as in a wide location in the vehicle. Equipped with 70 V fuses, the 6F box can be used in 48 V power distribution systems.

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Customized 48 V Solutions

We understand that the specific needs of vehicle manufacturers require individual solutions. Our customized central electrical units offer you the ability to meet your performance, space and functionality requirements. From concept to series production, we can help you realize the optimum power distribution solution for your 48 V architecture.

Your Options for Customized Implementation:

  • Compact design: Compact solutions can be realized through double-sided mounting as well as 3-dimensional PCB arrangement.
  • Versatile connection solutions: Our broad portfolio of connectors and Powerelements enables the integration of a wide range of components on the PCB.
  • Controller integration: Connecting our ICCS controllers to the PCB via plug-and-play enables a variety of additional functions, e.g. monitoring of CAN communication.
  • Diagnostic options: Flexible integration of various diagnostic functions for monitoring your electrical systems.
  • Customized housing solutions: Individually developed housing solutions provide protection against temperature variations, dust and liquids for your application.


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REDline Power Boxes for 48 V: compact, safe and robust

REDline Power Boxes for 48 V: compact, safe and robust

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