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Electronic Controllers

Controllers for Your Electrical System

Diversity in Perfection - Standalone or Integrated

Whether as standalone modules or integrated on powerboards and central electrical units: Our electronic controllers are versatile and perform a wide range of functions in all common vehicle types.

Compact, powerful and easy to program, they are the optimal solution if you:

  • Are looking for an intelligent and efficient solution for controlling the consumers in your vehicle
  • Want to create a new CAN network or expand the existing one
  • Want to expand the existing system in a cost-effective way
  • Need a compact and lightweight solution for your system
  • Want to reduce material consumption and installation costs
  • Want to exchange data between different bus systems
Central electrical unit with various components, including an ICCS 88P CAN controller

ICCS Small Controllers

The intelligent ICCS small controllers in the form of relays enable the realization of a wide variety of functions in all common vehicle types such as:  

  • Standard functions: Toggle functions, time delay functions or impulse functions
  • Special functions: Back window heating controller, door controller, frequency and voltage monitoring

Our ICCS Small Controllers

ICCS CAN Controllers

ICCS CAN controllers are intelligent modules that can function as a standalone solution or extend existing CAN networks. They are suitable for use in mobile machines with the vehicle electrical systems of 9-30 V.

Depending on the complexity of the tasks or the number of inputs and outputs required, you can select the right solution for you from a wide range of CAN controllers.

Electronic Power Distributors

Electronic power distributors are programmable controllers whose main task is to supply power and control functions in vehicles. They can be used as standalone power distributors or to expand existing systems with additional functions. 

The electronic power distributors represent a compact and intelligent alternative to our classic central electrical units and power boards.

The advantages of our electronic power distributors:

  • They require little installation space
  • Development costs are usually limited to software creation only
  • They are flexible, especially if the vehicles are to be retrofitted with additional functions
  • They offer more diagnostic options and simplify service work

Our Power Distribution Controllers

Function-Specific Modules

The intelligent function-specific modules enable the realization of certain functions, such as voltage supply of sensors and small consumers, switching of ohmic loads, etc.

Our Service for You

  • We will advise you on the selection of the appropriate controller
  • We configure the controllers with simple functions or we create complete programs for you
  • We train your employees in software, programming environment, CAN protocol, etc.
  • We provide you with hardware and software as a Try & Buy Kit for three months free of charge
  • On request, we can supply ICCS controllers already programmed with the required function in the series production phase
Employee explains details of a control to the customer

Things to Know About Our Controllers

  • Front and back of the CAN Box 8FR6

    Programmable Solution for Power Distribution

    The CAN Box 8FR-6 is fully programmable and offers a variety of diagnostic options. Along with the new product, Würth Elektronik ICS is also presenting the new software tools WEcontrol Designer and WE Flasher.

  • Product picture of two ICCS CAN controllers

    Powerful Controllers for Vehicle Functions

    The ICCS controllers are solutions for controlling standard and comfort functions. Two new modules extend the product family of these intelligent controllers, which can be used as standalone or as an extension of an existing CAN network.

  • Components of the Try & Buy Kit "ICCS SDK Plus" on a table

    Create Programs for ICCS Controllers Yourself?

    Use our two Try & Buy Kits "ICCS SDK Plus" and "WEcontrol Designer" and test development tools three months free of charge and without obligation. Afterwards you decide whether you want to return the kit or keep it.

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Visit our download area

Visit our download area

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