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ICCS CAN Controllers

ICCS CAN Controllers

The Smart Choice in Controllers

ICCS CAN Controllers are intelligent controllers, which can be used as a standalone solution or as an extension to the existing CAN bus network. They are suitable for use in mobile vehicles with the vehicle electrical systems of 9-30 V. In a package with central electrical units or power boards of Würth Elektronik ICS, they form a complete intelligent system for controlling and monitoring of electrical loads in the vehicle.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the most suitable product.

Select the controller that suits to your needs – depending on:

  • Complexity of the control tasks
  • Number of required inputs
  • Number of required outputs


ICCS CAN Relays are the smallest freely programmable CAN bus controllers packaged as relays. They are used to:

  • Expand the number of inputs or outputs
  • Connect sensors via CAN bus 
  • Control certain functions in the vehicle, e.g. proportional valves 

Our ICCS CAN Relays

ICCS CAN I/O Modules

Whether mounted on the circuit board or as standalone module: thanks to various designs you can use ICCS CAN I/O flexible according to your needs. The following functions can be realized with it:

  • Input and output extensions for CAN bus systems
  • Connection of binary and analog sensors via the CAN bus


Our ICCS CAN I/O Modules

ICCS CAN Controllers

ICCS CAN controllers process even complex tasks thanks to strong computing power and are optimal for mounting on the PCB. They are ideally suited ... 

  • To monitor the control of fuses and relays
  • To transfer sensor values to the CAN bus
  • As CAN-to-CAN or LIN-to-CAN gateways
  • As input or output extension
  • To supply power to devices with low consumption
  • As interface between switches and CAN bus

Our ICCS CAN Controller

ICCS CAN Gateways

Intelligence and control functionality come together in the ICCS CAN Gateways. They connect the CAN networks with different bit rates or protocols. The ICCS CAN Gateways can be used:

  • As CAN bridge or CAN message filter
  • As LIN / CAN gateway
  • To connect CAN systems with different bus speeds
  • For signal manipulation, event triggered suppression and transmission of messages
  • For connecting LIN sensors to the CAN bus, for example LIN rain, light, or battery sensor

Our ICCS CAN Gateways


Developer programmed with the software tool ICCS SDK Plus


For programming of ICCS CAN controllers, we have developed the software tool ICCS SDK Plus. This consists of a visual programming module and the USB-to-CAN adapter from Peak.

The tool offers you:

  • Visual programming based on the Eagle software from Autodesk
  • To create programs also in C language
  • To transfer the programmed functions to the ICCS CAN controller via USB-to-CAN adapter from Peak
  • Bootloader and flasher function for software updates via CAN bus

Important Note

You need the Eagle software for graphical programming. You can download the new version Eagle 9 according to your needs and requirements at: There, you can choose between a free version, which can be used for testing purposes, or an Eagle Standard or Premium version with a subscription.

The creation of the programs in the programming language C is possible without restrictions.

Components of the Try & Buy Kit "ICCS SDK Plus" on a table

You Want to Create Programs for ICCS CAN Controllers Yourself?

You Want to Create Programs for ICCS CAN Controllers Yourself?

Our Service for You

  • We will advise you on the selection of the appropriate controller
  • We configure the controllers with simple functions or we create complete programs for you
  • We train your employees in software, programming environment, CAN protocol, etc.
  • We provide you with hardware and software as a Try & Buy Kit for three months free of charge
  • On request, we can supply ICCS controllers already programmed with the required function in the series production phase
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