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Our Awards

Logo of the Capital award of the most innovative companies in Germany

For the fourth time in a row, the Würth Elektronik Group has been named one of the "Most Innovative Companies in Germany" in the innovation ranking by Statista and the renowned business magazine Capital.

The five out of five possible stars in the category "Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Automation & Measurement" and two points in the criterion "Patent Relevance" confirm that Würth Elektronik is perceived in the market as an innovative promoter and enabler of advanced technologies and is valued as an important technology partner by a growing number of companies.

We are delighted to receive this award and at the same time see it as a motivation to continuously work with our customers and partners to enable innovation, advance technologies and promote sustainability.

A seal of an award can be seen

Innovations in the context of digitalization promote entrepreneurial and economic development. Patents secure the exclusive use and therefore represent a particularly important manifestation of innovation.

CHIP magazine has once again comprehensively examined patent registrations of German organizations in "digital" patent classes. In this way, companies and organizations were determined that are particularly innovative in this field and are thus real pioneers.

We are delighted that the Würth Elektronik Group meets the criteria of Digital Innovator 2023 and that we have received this award as proof of our innovative strength!

Dualis label

Training and the promotion of young talents are particularly important at Würth Elektronik. However, we do not limit the quality of our training to the mere teaching of content. It starts from the very first contact between us and the future trainees and extends throughout the entire training period thanks to individual support at eye level. Intensive support during the examination phase and early interviews with our trained instructors are also a matter of course for us.

These and many other aspects of our training were examined by the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), which awarded us the Dualis seal as an excellent training company in 2016 following a comprehensive audit. In 2019, Würth Elektronik was recertified and awarded the seal for a further five years.

A green seal of predicate with the "Family-conscious company" and "Excellent Digital" awards

We are proud that Würth Elektronik eiSos was able to impress with its "above-average commitment" directly in the first audit, both as a "family-conscious company" and in the "Excellent Digital" category. 
From advice for parents-to-be, childcare options and flexible return-to-work options to advice/support for caring for relatives: Our employees can rely on us to provide them with the right support in challenging situations. 
The "Excellent Digital" award explicitly confirms our success in the continuous expansion of a digital working and learning environment. Mobile working, hybrid meetings, digital health programs and online training opportunities are now an integral part of our work culture.

Kununu Logo: Arbeitgeberbewertung Würth Elektronik

How do employees rate Würth Elektronik as an employer? Which factors are they satisfied with and where do they see potential for improvement? Which experiences did applicants have in their application processes?

On the Würth Elektronik Kununu page you can always find the latest ratings. These can be filtered, for example, by field of activity, company division or location within the Würth Elektronik Group.



Upcoming Events

  • 26. Sep. 2023 - 28. Sep. 2023

    Utrecht (NL)

    Electronics & Applications 2023

    Printed Circuit Boards, Components

  • 26. Sep. 2023 - 28. Sep. 2023

    Dortmund (DE)



  • 26. Sep. 2023 - 29. Sep. 2023

    Milpitas, CA (US)

    SILENT Solutions Seminar


  • 27. Sep. 2023 - 28. Sep. 2023

    Anaheim, CA (US)

    Anaheim Electronics & Manufacturing Show


  • 02. Oct. 2023 - 06. Oct. 2023


    Industry Tech Days - Virtual Conference


  • 04. Oct. 2023

    Burnaby, BC (CA)

    Vancouver Tech Day


  • 05. Oct. 2023

    Sofia (BG)

    EMC Seminar


  • 05. Oct. 2023 - 07. Oct. 2023

    Piacenza (IT)

    GIS - The Lifting, Industrial & Port Handling and Heavy Transport Show

    Intelligent Systems

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Get to know us as an employer

Get to know us as an employer

Your Partner Würth Elektronik

Manufacturer of Electronic and Electromechanical Components, Circuit Boards and Intelligent Power and Control Systems

Würth Elektronik is one of the most successful companies within the Würth Group. The Würth Elektronik Group is the preferred partner of many developers and manufacturers from a wide range of industries. With its electronic and electromechanical components, printed circuit boards, and intelligent power and control systems, Würth Elektronik stands for innovative solutions, top quality, and outstanding service that goes far beyond the ordinary – in line with our motto: “more than you expect!”.

Whether you need electronic and electromechanical components without minimum order quantities, consulting, reference designs, software tools, printed circuit boards for customer-special requirements, or Intelligent Power- and Control Systems for extreme operating conditions, Würth Elektronik supports you. We want you to succeed; whether in a standard application or an individual offer.  We support you in quickly entering the market with the best possible solutions.

With 23 production sites around the worldWürth Elektronik has grown over 50 years to become an internationally successful company throughout various markets.

Würth Elektronik: more than you expect!

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