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HV PDU Solutions

HV PDU Solutions

PCB-based high voltage solutions for electric & hybrid vehicles

Diagram of an HV on-board network of an electric or hybrid car
Example of integration into HV on-board network

Our HV Power Distribution Units in the range from 60 VDC to 1000 VDC are intelligent solutions based on PCB and press-fit technology. They distribute power between the battery, on-board charger, inverter and other loads such as heaters and DC/DC converters. In doing so, they ensure stable and safe connections.

The compact solutions in sealed housings allow the integration of important components and functions, such as

  • Fuses and contactors
  • Precharge functions
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • Insulation monitoring
  • HVIL and shielding
  • Integrated controllers

Good heat dissipation, excellent electrical conductivity, overcurrent protection and diagnostic options on CAN ensure high efficiency in power transmission.

Because of the robustness, reliability and high efficiency of our PDUs, we are trusted not only by established manufacturers, but also by start-ups that want to bring their electric and hybrid innovations on the road.


As a trusted partner, we help manufacturers distribute power in electric and hybrid vehicles in the most efficient way

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At a Glance: Your Advantages With HV PDUs From Würth Elektronik ICS

  • Compact and robust design in sealed corrosion-proof housing
  • Realization of plug & play solutions for maximum safety
  • Integration of safety-relevant mechanisms such as HVIL as well as diagnostic and measuring functions
  • Expansion with control functions possible
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Individually adaptable to customer requirements and applications

Things to Know About our High Voltage Solutions

  • HV PDU 600 on red background with white Tech Talk speech bubble in 4:3 format

    HV PDU Tech Talk

    Whether for hybrid or electric vehicles: The specially developed and produced high-voltage solutions for power distribution from Würth Elektronik ICS ideally complement the established portfolio of central electrical units and power boxes for 12/24 V vehicle electrical systems.  

  • View of an opened high-voltage box from above

    Demonstrator HV PDU 600

    Our HV PDU 600 demonstrator with typical functions, high-voltage components and housing shows you the possibilities we can realize in a customized solution. 

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HV PDU solutions

HV PDU solutions