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For us, sustainability is a key factor for success and a matter close to our hearts. We strive to meet the needs of today's and future generations, to contribute to a livable tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Furthermore, we want to think long-term, act sustainably and close loops.
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Our Responsibility

We are a globally active company. Therefore we are aware that we share a global responsibility. We are committed to sustainable corporate success and bear a great responsibility towards our customers, our employees, society and nature. Our declared goal is to achieve a balance between products, people and the environment. 

To achieve this goal, we have incorporated sustainability into our corporate strategy and defined areas for action. For example, we support social projects in the local area but also worldwide at our subsidiaries, supervise our production and supply chains, pay attention to working conditions and involve our employees. In order to remain true to our promise "more than you expect", we want to continuously improve our sustainability topics.

Our Understanding

Changing living conditions present us all with immense challenges, and it is long past time to do something about it. Sustainable action is the solution to counteracting the consequences of climate change, for example.

In our sustainable actions, we are guided both by international guidelines such as the Paris Climate Agreement and by the three-pillar model of sustainability. This comprises the economic, ecological and social pillars. These three areas are closely interlinked and are viewed holistically. To do justice to the three-pillar model, we have developed our own sustainability strategy and defined the fields of action relevant to our company.

Our Strategy

The concept of sustainability has been integrated into the new strategic framework of our company with its focus on holistic growth. New targets have been defined for key topics: We want to become a climate-neutral company, drive forward the optimization of our use of resources, and further expand our positive contribution to social development.

With regard to our strategy, we have chosen three fields of action to achieve our goals, which are relevant for sustainable corporate development: Product & Service, Resource & Environment, People & Society. Based on these, we define our milestones and record our achievements.

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Creating Together

Sustainability is not just about tomorrow, but also about the day after tomorrow and future generations. That is why we approach this project as a team. We involve stakeholders in decisions and offer a transparent corporate strategy.  Cohesion fosters community, continually motivates us and allows us to move faster toward a fully sustainable corporate strategy. Only together can we manage to build and maintain a sustainable future.

Our Fields of Action

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Product & Service

In the age of digitalization, electronics have a decisive influence on sustainability. Many promising products contain electronic and electromechanical components, printed circuit boards, intelligent power and control systems, services and solutions from Würth Elektronik. Specifically, we are looking at the ingredients of our products, adapting our manufacturing processes in line with the concept of sustainability, and optimizing the exchange of goods and commodities. Through innovations, quality, long-term availability and intensive customer support we develop sustainable, resource and energy saving solutions together with our customers.

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Resource & Environment

The responsible use of resources has been a guiding principle at Würth Elektronik for more than 15 years and continuously leads to improvement measures via our environmental/energy team. These include, for example, saving packaging materials, recycling, green IT, converting our roof surfaces for photovoltaics, reducing pollutants and digitalization to increase energy efficiency. In our production processes, for example, we use heat recovery, free cooling and also the multiple use of water to achieve environmentally friendly results in terms of sustainable production. Environmental and climate protection are part of our corporate strategy, documented by management systems and certifications according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

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People & Society

The Würth Group has left its mark on the region around its headquarters and beyond with its social and cultural commitment. Würth Elektronik is also committed to its social responsibility - worldwide. This side of sustainability is reflected in a corporate culture of education, promotion and diversity. Numerous initiatives on gender equality and equal opportunities are used within the company to solve social challenges. Fair dealings with one another focus on the well-being and advancement of our employees, in-line with the motto "it's about people". And not only that, in our dealings with customers and partners along the supply chain, we focus on fair business practices and long-term relationships.

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Our Commitments

Sustainability Brochure

Sustainability Brochure Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology

At Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology ecological sustainability has long been an integral part of many areas of the company and is actively practiced by our employees. Together, we are working to continually reduce environmental impact and resource consumption, and to support social projects around the world.

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We Are Committed

  • Women posing for picture

    We Mill creates livelihoods for women

    Wuerth Elektronik India Pvt Ltd supports a social business project in India.

  • Group picture before the start of the tree planting campaign

    Würth Elektronik Tree Planting Campaign

    Würth Elektronik and Hohenloher Freilandmuseum take up spades

  • Employees of Würth Elektronik organize a gift drive for children at Christmas. they are seen standing in front of a Christmas tree with their gifts.

    Würth Elektronik Makes Children’s Eyes Light Up

    Employees participate in Diakonie fundraiser for low-income families

  • Logo of One Sample Order and logo of Würth Elektronik in front of a forest

    „One Sample Order = One Tree Planted“

    New environmental protection campaign at Würth Elektronik

  • Project group stands in front of the Würth Elektronik Waldenburg building

    A Good Employer for Women

    Würth Elektronik top again in company comparison study

  • Würth Elektronik: CTO Alexander Gerfer on the Digital Life Design Connect Board

    Smart Agriculture: Intelligent Solutions for Agriculture

    Würth Elektronik: CTO Alexander Gerfer on the Digital Life Design Connect Board

  • A darkened room full of people sitting on their chairs. On the wall hangs the writing "celebrate chanche" in neon LED.

    Technologies and Start-up Support for More Sustainability

    Würth Elektronik at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Berlin

  • A model airplane on a field in Papua New Guinea, the sun in the background

    Innovative Drone Project for Medical Care

    Würth Elektronik supports Start ups