Product picture SKEDD Connecting Solutions

SKEDD Connecting Solutions

Direct Connection to the Printed Circuit Board

Solution Concepts for Direct, Reversible Printed Circuit Board Contacting

SKEDD technology offers a simple and reliable alternative to connect connectors and components to the PCB directly, by hand and reversibly. An adapter socket is no longer required. 

This is how you benefit from SKEDD technology:

  • Customized connector systems: We develop individual solution concepts for your PCB contacting.
  • Connector systems from the existing portfolio: Select the right solution for your goals from various solutions.
  • SKEDD technology partners: Our SKEDD technology partners offer a wide range of products and solution approaches based on SKEDD technology.

Standard? Adapted to your specific requirements? It doesn't matter - connector systems in SKEDD technology for direct connection to the PCB are always convincing. For example, through advantages such as: 

  • (Double-sided) direct reversible contacting of the printed circuit board
  • Easy assembly and disassembly without tools
  • Environmentally friendly technology thanks to reusable and recyclable SKEDD connectors 
  • Elimination of an electrical interface and thus a potential source of errors
  • Lower material and manufacturing costs due to elimination of a socket

Customized Connectors in SKEDD Technology

44+4 SKEDD-Pressfit pin strip

With SKEDD, a wide range of board-to-board connection variants can be realized according to individual requirements:

  • Contacting SKEDD on THT solder pins
  • Contacting SKEDD on SMD solder pads
  • Contacting SKEDD on press-fit technology pin
  • Contacting SKEDD on SKEDD 

Let our experts advise you on the possibilities of SKEDD technology.

SKW connectors as wire-to-board solution

SKEDD technology is ideally suited for wire-to-board connections such as 

  • High current connectors (automotive and non-automotive)
  • Signal connectors (low and high polarity)
  • Ribbon cable connections
  • Crimp connections
SKEDD relays on a printed circuit board as component-to-board connection

You can connect components and system components such as relays, fuses, LEDs, etc. directly to the PCB using SKEDD technology. The conversion to this only requires a change to the pinout.

The SKEDD connection is reversible, 10 pulling and plugging cycles are possible. This also allows you to replace components without any problems.

Standard Connectors in SKEDD Technology

Product picture SKW connector

SKW Connector

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Product picture SKEDD SKV connector

SKV Connector

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Things to Know About Our SKEDD Connecting Solutions

  • NORDAC LINK motor starter SK 155E-FDS open with SKW connectors

    Simple, Reversible and Space-Saving

    For Getriebebau NORD, Würth Elektronik ICS has created an optimal contacting solution using SKEDD technology and thus valuable freedom in assembly design.

  • SKW connectors as wire-to-board solution

    SKEDD Technology

    On the SKEDD website you will find all important information about the SKEDD technology, its advantages and about the SKEDD technology partners and their SKEDD solutions.