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With three different designs, the ICCS CAN I/O has flexible connection and mounting options.

  • ICCS CAN I/O – the stable base of CAN I/O series and the forerunner of all other versions. It can be both connected to the circuit board and used as a standalone module.
  • ICCS CAN I/O 22P has been specially developed for easy connection to the circuit board.
  • ICCS CAN I/O Waterproof has the ingress protection class IP68 and is suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions.

Open data sheet

Optional variants with 5 V reference voltage and RS232 / RS485 communication interfaces are available.

Application Examples

  • Input and output extensions for CAN bus systems
  • Analogue sensor to CAN module
  • Connection of digital and analog sensors via the CAN bus

Data and Facts About the ICCS CAN I/O

General Information

Operating temperature

 -40 °C to +85 °C (no full load at 85 °C)

Operating voltage Vsupply

9 to 30 V DC

Current consumption 30 mA
Sleep mode consumption 500 μA

Ingress protection

IP53 (CAN I/O and 22P)

IP68 (CAN I/O waterproof)


75 g (CAN I/O)

95 g (22P)

170 g (CAN I/O waterproof)


95 x 66 x 33 mm (CAN I/O)

85 x 62 x 21.5 mm (22P)

95 x 77 x 35 mm (CAN I/O waterproof)


Order Information

Available References

Order number WE ICS

ICCS CAN I/O Hardware Bootloader


ICCS CAN I/O Software Bootloader ICS-103504
ICCS CAN I/O Software Bootloader 
Diode on PWM Output
ICCS CAN I/O 2 x RPM 6 x PWM Software Bootloader ICS-103508
ICCS CAN I/O + 5 V REF Software Bootloader ICS-103507
ICCS CAN I/O Waterproof ICS-101976
ICCS CAN I/O 22P ICS-103505
ICCS CAN I/O 22P freqIN ICS-104096


Developer programmed with the software tool ICCS SDK Plus


For programming of ICCS CAN controllers, we have developed the software tool ICCS SDK Plus. This consists of a visual programming module and the USB-to-CAN adapter from Peak.

The tool offers you:

  • Visual programming based on the Eagle software from Autodesk
  • To create programs also in C language
  • To transfer the programmed functions to the ICCS CAN controller via USB-to-CAN adapter from Peak
  • Bootloader and flasher function for software updates via CAN bus

Important Notes

You need the Eagle software for graphical programming. You can download the new version Eagle 9 according to your needs and requirements at: There, you can choose between a free version, which can be used for testing purposes, or an Eagle Standard or Premium version with a subscription.

  • The creation of the programs in the programming language C is possible without restrictions.
  • Our product support ticketing system is available for your support requests. Our FAEs will respond to your request as soon as possible.

You will need a password to download the ICCS SDK Plus software. To obtain this, please contact us.

Components of the Try & Buy Kit "ICCS SDK Plus" on a table

You Want to Create Programs for ICCS CAN Controllers Yourself?

You Want to Create Programs for ICCS CAN Controllers Yourself?

Our Service for You

  • We will advise you on the selection of the appropriate controller
  • We configure the controllers with simple functions or we create complete programs for you
  • We train your employees in software, programming environment, CAN protocol, etc.
  • We provide you with hardware and software as a Try & Buy Kit for three months free of charge
  • On request, we can supply ICCS controllers already programmed with the required function in the series production phase
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