Employee shows customer the Try & Buy Kit "WEcabin Display"

Try & Buy Kits

Try & Buy Kits

Try & Buy Kits

First Test, Then Buy – Or Return

Our Try & Buy Kits offer you the possibility to test the development tools for WEcabin DisplaysICCS CAN Controllers and the CAN Box 8FR6 for three months free of charge and without obligation. Afterwards, you decide whether you want to return it or keep it.

Thanks to included hardware and corresponding interfaces to the software, you use the kits:

  • to create programs for the ICCS or HMI products independently and without much effort
  • for development purposes
  • for pilot series
  • for service purposes
  • for tests

Try & Buy Kit "WEcabin Display“

Use the Try & Buy Kit "WEcabin Display" to independently design the user interface for your WEcabin Display

The Try & Buy "WEcabin Display" contains the following components:

  • WEcabin Display (i5, i7, i10 or i12)
  • Programming environment WEcabin Designer
  • Adapter board
  • Accessories (e.g. power supply, Ethernet cable, connectors, crimp contacts, etc.) 

You want to test the Try & Buy Kit "WEcabin Display"? Please contact us.


Try & Buy Kit "ICCS SDK Plus”

Creating programs for ICCS CAN controllers yourself is very easy: Just use the Try & Buy Kit for the ICCS SDK Plus development tool.

The Try & Buy Kit "ICCS SDK Plus" contains the following components:

You want to test ICCS SDK Plus? Please contact us.


Try & Buy Kit "WEcontrol Designer”

You want to create programs for our CAN Box 8FR6 independently and without much effort? Please use the Try & Buy Kit "WEcontrol Designer".

Included are:

  • CAN Box 8FR6
  • Programming environment WEcontrol Designer
  • PEAK CAN Adapter
  • Programming adapter
  • Accessories (e.g. connector housing, crimp contact, etc.)

Request your Try & Buy Kit here.

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