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Digital PCB Standards

Digital PCB Standards - We Speak Your Language

Paper Was Yesterday - Standards for EDA Tools

Standards are the basis for quality and efficiency. In the field of printed circuit board production, there are manufacturer-specific standards in addition to the general standards, such as those of the IPC. These reflect the rules for materials and manufacturing processes. Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology now has its standards for various technologies available for you in digital form. These are suitable for direct import into various EDA software tools.

This is the new and better way to efficiently develop quality in any new project. Gone are the days when standards had to be transferred from paper or copied from old projects.

Digital standards consist of

Digital Stackups
Material Database

Digital Stackups

Start Layouts Faster – Thanks to Digital Layer Stackups

Import the standard layer stackups into your EDA software at the click of a button. The data is available to you immediately and in the current revision. We have the digital stackups for various technologies ready for you. In addition to the layer stackup, which you can modify individually for your project, the dielectric material data are also included.

Error Prevention & Productivity Increase

Thanks to the import of the digital stackups into your EDA software, you avoid errors by eliminating the need for manual transfer, while increasing productivity by reducing the time required.


By using the digital stackups you ensure the manufacturability and reliability of your PCB.


With digital stackups, you automatically use market-standard and cost-optimized standards and avoid expensive custom builds. It also enables high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing with shorter delivery times by using stocked materials and following standardized production processes.

Download the Digital Stackups for Your EDA Software

EDA Tool/ Format

Altium Designer to the stackups to the stackups to the stackups to the stackups to the stackups

to the stackups

to the stackups
Cadence coming soon! coming soon! coming soon! coming soon! coming soon!

coming soon!

coming soon!
IPC-2581 Format to the stackups to the stackups to the stackups coming soon! coming soon!

to the stackups

coming soon!
PDF to the stackups to the stackups to the stackups to the stackups to the stackups

to the stackups

to the stackups


Material Database

All A and B Base Materials From Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology

All A and B base materials from Würth Elektronik CBT are included in this material database with all dielectric values. This enables the PCB designer to modify standard stackups or even to create their own customer-specific stackups.

The material database is currently available for Altium Designer, with more formats to follow shortly.

Request the material database for Altium Designer 20 here.

Successful PCB Design

Profit From Our Know-how!

The successful product is preceded by the coordinated product design. It combines the most varied and diverse requirements with the technical and economic possibilities.
At Würth Elektronik, a wide range of PCB technologies and services are available to you. This means that almost all requirements can be met with the highest precision and quality. Above all, you receive the entire service portfolio from support in the development of the technological solution concept to the finished product: everything from a single source.
In our Design Rules and Design Guides, you will find system considerations that explain the different variants of our technologies and provide practical tips for the design of the production-optimized PCB.And another good piece of advice: Talk to us early and regularly and benefit from our experience. With us, this is still possible!

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You Need Support With a Design Project?

Do You Have Questions about Our Digital Stackups and Design Information? We Will Be Happy to Advise You and Help You Further!


Digital PCB Standards

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