Parts of a multilayer PCB can be seen

Basic PCBs

Basic PCBs

Single-/Double-sided and Multilayer PCBs

BASIC – But by No Means Trivial

Single-sided, Double-sided and Multilayer PCBs

Under the term BASIC technology we combine single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. Each PCB is something special, unique - your creation, made by us. Manufactured from base material in FR4 quality, this technology provides the reliable foundation for many applications, for example in industry, medical technology, automotive and aerospace.

With metallized through holes (PTH = plated through hole) as component holes and as electrical connection between the copper layers, it is possible to route a wide variety of electronic components up to a 0.8mm pitch BGA. This makes your circuit plan and your individual solution a reality.

Good - better - standard: Standards are also the basis for quality and efficiency in the form of proven layer structures and design rules. Ensure error prevention and productivity increase in design, manufacturability as well as reliability of the PCB in the application.

Rely on our experience and use our standard stackups, which are also available in digital form for many EDA tools. 

Do you have more extensive requirements? Then we can offer you further innovative and customized technologies: 

If you have any further questions: No problem, feel free to contact us.

Our Know-how - Your Profit!

Advantages of Würth Elektronik BASIC Technology

  • Time and cost savings due to reduced design and work preparation effort
  • Yield optimization on both sides
  • Clear and unambiguous communication
  • Stable transition from prototype to series production

This Video Describes the Production of a Simple PCB in a Way That Is Suitable for Beginners

We Explain Materials Used and the Basic Process Steps. Application Examples Illustrate the Diverse Fields of Application of PCBs.

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BASIC Design Rules

Relevant Parameters for Production-optimized PCB Design

Modern printed circuit board solutions are more than just connecting elements. They are the key to progress in electronics. With this in mind, we actively support our customers in the development and also offer our own system solutions with electronic functions.

In our BASIC Design Rules you will find all the parameters you should consider when designing and laying out PCBs.


BASIC Standard Stackups

Get Started With Your Layout Faster - Thanks To Standardized Layer Stackups

With these stackups, you automatically use market-customary and cost-optimized standards and avoid expensive custom builds. In addition, high-quality and cost-effective production with shorter delivery times is made possible because stocked materials are used and standardized production processes are followed.

Our standards offer a base copper thickness of 18 µm or 35 µm on the inner layers. For fine structures and good manufacturability, 18 µm is preferred.

Here you can find our BASIC standard layer structures in digital form for import into your EDA software and as PDF:


"How Does Your PCB Layout Affect Costs in PCB Manufacturing?"

Get an insight into how costs incurred are linked to issues and impacts at our PCB manufacturing facility. We provide guidance on the cost structure of a PCB looking at its layout and geometry.



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