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Solutions for Reduced Installation Space

Efficient Use of Space and High Power

The future of electronics is tending towards higher reliability, more functions and increasing miniaturization. Efficient use of shrinking package volumes and tiny surfaces is becoming increasingly important. The spectrum of applications ranges from the automotive industry and industrial electronics to medical technology and sensor technology.

Embedding technology serves as a solution for reduced installation space. Active or passive components are brought into the printed circuit board using an embedding process so that they are completely integrated into the structure. We distinguish between four manufacturing processes:

  • SOLDER.embedding: Massive SMD components are soldered onto structured inner layers and embedded by a multilayer press process. Both passive and active components can be used for this variant.
  • MICROVIA.embedding: This variant is based on direct contacting of the components by microvias. For this purpose, the chips of active or passive components are bonded to a copper foil with special pad metalization and embedded by a multilayer pressing process.
  • FLIP-CHIP.embedding: Unpackaged chips of active components are provided with bumps and bonded to structured inner layers. The anisotropic conductive adhesive establishes the electrical connection. The flip chip is embedded in a multilayer press process.
  • COPPER.embedding: High currents and logic require smart High-Current Multilayer PCBs. The solution is to combine multilayer circuits with locally embedded copper profiles. This enables the best possible "1 PCB solution" in terms of system costs and system size, signal integrity, wiring density, local current carrying capacity and thermal efficiency. Error-prone and expensive connections between modules of different technologies can be eliminated.

Our Know-how – Your Profit!

Advantages of Würth Elektronik Embedding Technology

  • Miniaturization through housing replacement and savings in assembly space on the outer layers
  • Improved performance and function thanks to integrated shielding, short signal paths and plagiarism protection
  • Increased reliability, improved thermal management and protection from environmental influences thanks to full-surface fixation of the embedded components

Embedding Design

Relevant Parameters for Production-ready PCB Design

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Modern printed circuit board solutions are more than just connecting elements. They are the key to progress in electronics. With this in mind, we actively support our customers in development and also offer our own system solutions with electronic.

Design Rules

The Embedding Design Rules include all the important parameters you need to make your project successful:

Design Guides

In our Embedding Design Guide you will find an overview of all variants. In addition, our specialists have summarized valuable design tips for you here. This will help you bring your application to success reliably and safely.

Technology Poster

Would you like to download our Design Guides and Design Rules as a clear technology poster? The poster provides you with the most important information about efficient PCB design.


Embedding Technology

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Webinar "The World of Embedded Components in Printed Circuit Boards - Basics - Part 1"

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