Picture shows a SEMI.flex PCB

Semi.flex PCBs

Rigid PCBs With Bending Zones

Cost-effective Alternatives

Rigid base material such as FR4 is bendable if it becomes sufficiently thin. If an application requires only a few bends with a large bending radius for installation in a statically clearly defined housing, SEMI.flex technology can be a cost-effective alternative to RIGID.flex. The thin bending areas can be created by a precise depth milling process. This technology has been in series use for many years, including in automotive applications.

A more efficient variant is the BEND.flex technology. It has thin bending areas formed by thin cores similar to those of RIGID.flex technology, but without using flexible films made of polyimide.

For clarification of the design and application possibilities, advice should be sought at this point from the PCB manufacturer you trust.

Picture shows SEMI.flex PCB

Relaisbox for Ground Geophysical Surveys

Our Know-how - Your Profit!

Advantages of Würth Elektronik SEMI.flex Technology

  • Elimination of flex material facilitates processing and thus reduces costs
  • This technology expands the available range of materials
  • SEMI.flex technology offers many of the advantages of RIGID.flex technology - at lower cost
  • Enables total mechatronic solutions
  • Offers excellent signal characteristics
  • Takes into account the increasing trend towards miniaturization

Fields of Application

SEMI.flex and BEND.flex PCBs are characterized by a wide range of applications. They are suitable for:

  • System wiring as cable harness replacement
  • Tools
  • Miniaturized controls
  • Locking and access systems
  • Motor controls
Forma Metz camera flash unit with open housing and visible SEMI.flex PCB

Camera Flash Unit M400 Metz

SEMI.flex Design

Relevant Parameters for Production-ready PCB Design

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Modern printed circuit board solutions are more than just connecting elements. They are the key to progress in electronics. With this in mind, we actively support our customers in development and also offer our own system solutions with electronic functions.

Design Rules

The SEMI.flex Design Rules include all the important parameters you need to make your project successful:

Design Guide

In our Design Guide you will find an overview of all variants of our flex solutions. In addition, our specialists have summarized valuable design tips for you here. This will help you bring your application to success reliably and safely.


"SEMI.flex - An Award-winning Miniaturization Success"

Compact and powerful - these features increasingly characterize the requirements for new electronic systems. The foundation for the success of the product is already laid in the concept and idea phase. Learn in this webinar which advantages designing your PCBs according to Würth Elektronik design parameters offers you.

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Webinar "SEMI.flex - An Award-winning Miniaturization Success"

Success Story Flash Device With SEMI.flex Technology

We Open up Technological Opportunities for Our Customers

Using Würth Elektronik's SEMI.flex technology can save a lot of time and thus costs in PCB design. Find out in this success story how the joint project team of Metz and Würth Elektronik successfully mastered the challenges of the project.

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More than SEMI.flex

BEND.flex takes an intermediate position between SEMI.flex and STARR.flex, both in terms of price and bending performance. As a result, more options are available.

  • Smaller bending radii with more bending cycles
  • Use of mid and high Tg materials
  • 2-layer bending areas with good bendability
  • Bending in both directions

With the BEND.flex technology in a valve electronics, the world's first app-controlled valve was achieved. Find out in this success story how the joint project team of Festo and Würth Elektronik successfully mastered the challenges of the project. 

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