Different components of the whole electronic product portfolio

New Products

Thermal Management

WE-TINS is a thin silicone pad designed to electrically insulate electronic components and cooling assemblies while allowing the flow of heat.

WE-TTT is a double sided tape designed to provide a thermal interface that at the same time allows mechanical fixing in both contact surfaces without the need of additional screws or clips.

WE-TGF is a silicone elastomer gap filler pad, designed to fill a gap between one or multiple electronic components and a cooling assembly, such as heating, a cooling plate or a metal housing.

WE-TGFG is a synthetic graphite layer wrapped around a core of foam. This enables the use of a highly conductive heat spreader to fill vertical caps and provide a silicone-free alternative to the WE-TGF.

WE-TGS is a synthetic graphite heat spreader. This implies that most of the termal conductivity provided by the material occurs at the horizontal or XY axis.

WE-PCM is a phase changing material. These materials are known for remaining solid at room temperature and changing into a flowing state with increasing temperature to ensure the best thermal interface.

EMC Components

WE-FCLP is a compact THT common mode choke for power lines with high nominal (up to 100 mH) and leakage inductances. WE-FCLP features a better differential filtering from high leakage inductance where space and cost can be saved because in the best case only one component is needed (CM & DM filtering). WE-FCLP is ideal for applications with limited space, mains operated LED drivers and mains filters.

WE-CMDC is a compact SMT Common Mode Choke for low voltage and data lines. It features a high rated current (up to 8A) and AEC-Q200 Grade 1 qualification. WE-CMDC is ideal for DC/DC converters or DC signal and power lines.

The new WE-SHC Seamless is a EMC gasket with seamless design (no openings between the WE-SHC seamless and the PCB) for higher shielding effectiveness in high frequency applications up to 60 GHz. WE-SHC Seamless also offers a better oxidation resistance than normal EMC gaskets.

Power Magnetics

The new WE-HCF SMD Power Inductor with flat wire and MnZn-Core extension offers a high mechanical stability through 3-pin SMT, an optimized core shape and material with improved ISAT and efficiency values.

The new WE-HCFT High Current Ferrite THT extention offers excellent thermal behavior with full current capability within operating temperature range, a high current capability up to 33 A and a low profile.

The new WE-PD extention brings the new size 1280 Performance that offers a MnZn core for better ISAT & lower RDC charateristics. WE-PD is AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (-40 to +150°C) qualified, offers up to 120 V operating voltage and an excellent performance / size ratio.

The WE-CST Current Sense Transformer product series offers an withstand voltage of 500 VAC for frequency up to 1 MHz and up to 20 A rated current with compact size (5.33 mm maximum height).

The new WE-HCM extention offers new sizes 4030 and 5030 with low profile (3 mm), a small footprint (5.6 x 1.7 mm) and is the perfect fit for FPGA applications, graphic cards, servers, motherboards and many other applications.

The new WE-AGDT is a Compact Power Supply SMT Transformer with single & dual output, up to 6 W power and basic insulation IEC62368-1 / IEC61558-2-16. It offers a low interwinding capacitance down to 6.8 pF typical, high CMTI and Pick & Place automation.

Signal & Communication

The new robust filtered M12 circular connector WE-LANMX for harsh environments features high mechanical stability through THR, integrated magnetics to save space on the PCB and is IP67 compliant. WE-LANMX is ideal for Ethernet based protocols, factory automation, transportation applications or wind power plants.

WE-MK is a SMT multilayer ceramic chip inductors and offers now polarity marking. Applications are high frequency circuits e.g. filters, oscillatiors.

WE-MCA is a multilayer chip antenna for wireless connectivity with single band and dual band solutions and personal antenna matching service for design and matching support.


The new WL-SIQW SMT Infrared QFN Waterclear IR LED offers a high power output, low thermal resistance and fits perfect with applications e.g. face recognition, night vision, security camers and gaming and movement recognition.

The new WL-VCSL Vertical Cavity Surface Laser offers two different homogeneous radiation patterns (60° x 45° & 110° x 85°), high optical power and fits perfect with applications e.g. biometrical & 3D recognition, LiDAR and time of flight.

The new WL-SBRW product extention offers Bi-color LED design and is compatible with automatic placement machines. WL-SBRW fits perfect with applications e.g. LED front panel indicators, backlighting of networking and telecommunications.

The WL-SBCW product extention offers a industry standard footprint and a small package for exeptional brightness. WL-SBCW fits perfect with backlighting applications and status indicators.

The product extention WL-SMTW offers a PLCC 3528 package, a big variety of colors and high intensity. WL-SMTW fits perfect with applications e.g. signage and indirect illumination, dash boards, telephones, A/V equipment and coupling into light guides.

WL-SMTD offers with the new extention a industry standard PLCC-4 package, a narrow viewing angle at 30° & 60° and common anode & common cathode.

The new WL-OCPT extention offers a good stability of inner isolation with coplanar structure, stable CTR in full operation temperature range and is available in different CTR binnings. Especially well suited for applications e.g. power supply, chargers, computers and microprocessors and industry applications.

Power Modules

The new MagI³C-VDMM Variable Step Down MicroModule is a fully integrated 1 A DC/DC power supply including the switching regulator with integrated MOSFETs, compensation & shielded inductor in one package and offers a Power Good function, automatically switches operation mode for best efficiency and is suitable for downsizing.

Wireless Connectivity & Sensors

The new WSEN-HIDS humidity sensor is robust, calibrated and temperature compensated. Using the embedded analog-to-digital converter, it provides a fully calibrated 16-bit humidity and temperature output. Thanks to an interrupt pin, it can be used directly for monitoring.

The fully calibrated digital temperature sensor is based on a silicon base and impresses by its high accuracy (up to ±0.25 °C typ.), the fully calibrated 16 bit temperature output and the selectable output data rate up to 200 Hz. It has an I²C digital communication interface and programmable temperature threshold and interrupt. The matching evaluation kit also simplifies the design in for applications such as power system monitoring, HVAC or cold chain monitoring.

Würth Elektronik eiSos presents, a range of FeatherWing development boards that are open source and fully compatible with the Feather form factor. Through these development boards WE brings a range of wireless connectivity modules, sensors and power modules to the Feather ecosystem.

Würth Elektronik launches Thetis-I, a ready-to-use radio module for Wirepas mesh networks. Thetis-I is the perfect solution for IoT device manufacturers. Würth Elektronik offers developers the Thetis-I Evaluation Kit. Thanks to the tailored Wirepas Commander software, this kit can be operated and configured directly via a PC.

The new Bluetooth low-energy 5.1 modules Proteus-III and Proteus-III-SPI and the proprietary variant Thyone-I are 8 × 12 × 2 mm modules with integrated antenna, encryption technology and six configurable IO pins and are based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 chipset. The WE-ProWare firmware, which has been proven over many years, makes the modules extremely flexible for use in radio-based maintenance interfaces and sensor networks, for example. A radio stick and an evaluation kit are also available.

The new series "Elara" and "Erinome" are GNSS modules for global positioning, whereby the "Elara-II" is currently the smallest GNSS module on the market. The modules with integrated or external antenna impress with high accuracy (1.5 m) and fast acquisition (1 s hot start and 28 s cold start). Besides evaluation boards, further design-in tools are offered, such as the software tool WENSS.

Electromechanical Components

The new wire-to-board connectors WR-BHD in the 1.27 mm version are available as Straight & Right Angled type. The matching WR-CAB cables are also available in our online catalog to match the male and female connectors.

Electronic Component - Zif Lif FFC

The new WP-FPC ZIF / LIF connectors expand the product range with a horizontal back locking dual contact solution. The LIF and ZIF connectors allow components or assemblies to be inserted with less force due to a lower spring force.

The WR-TBL Series 10181028 and 1068 extend the family of 10 mm Wire Protector Terminal Blocks. The terminal blocks have a modular design and are available in horizontal and vertical versions.

Extension of WR-USB connectors with two new product series USB 2.0 Type C Vertical SMT Plug and Horizontal SMT Receptacle.

WR-TBL Terminal Blocks with Push-In Technology as PCB Connectors ( 5.00 mm Pitch / 5.08 mm Pitch)

WR-TBL Terminal Blocks with Push-In technology as a pluggable solution.

WR-WSP - REDFIT SKEDD Crimp Connector

With the new WR-WSP REDFIT SKEDD, the patented SKEDD technology gets another family member. The crimp version is designed for a high current carrying capacity of up to 16 A with maximum mechanical stability. The new locking system is specified at 10 g and is thus ideally suited for power applications in the industrial environment.

WR-CIRCM12 - Circular Connectors M12

The new WR-CIRCM12 series is a wide range of M12 A-coded circular connectors. Panel mount receptacles, cable assemblies and field attachable connectors are available for all your projects. They are dust and waterproof and work safely in harsh environments.

N-Type Coax Connectors

Würth Elektronik expands the product line of coaxial connectors. The N-type connector rounds off the existing portfolio! The N-Type is a medium-sized coaxial connector with a structural design similar to SMA series. It is excellent for outdoor applications and can be combined with a wide range of coaxial cables. As for all other coax-families PCB, panel mount or cable mount connector series, adaptors and cable assemblies are available.

WA-BCMC Battery Holder

The new WA-BCMC SMT battery holder for CR2025 and CR2032 button cells brings improved mechanical stability up to 10 G with inserted battery. This is realized by a combination of the novel, lateral locking concept and simultaneous SMT connection via 4 solder pads.

WS-TOTV - Toggle Switches

The switches range now also includes WS-TOTV toggle switches. Both horizontal and vertical THT variants are available as ON-ON and ON-OFF-ON versions in two different lever lengths. Red and black cover caps are also available as accessories.

WS-TASV neuer Tact Switch

The new WA-TASV tact switch is characterized above all by its compact design of 6.0 x 6.0 x 5.0 mm and a travel of 1.3 mm. The actuating force is 160 gf and the actuation of this version is noiseless.

WS-RSTV Rocker Switches Erweiterung

A new form factor is added to the rocker switch family - WS-RSTV. Now also two rocker switches with the popular housing cut-out dimension of 30x22mm are available

Automotive Standard Products

The new WE-CAR-TEC series is a snap ferrite with a core material of NiZn and panned key technology for automotive applications. WE-CAR-TEC allows EMI suppression in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 1 GHz.

The WE-CNSA series is a current compensated data line filter. This series offers high common mode noise suppression at high frequencies and a low RDC design. This makes the WE-CNSA suitable for automotive infotainment, flex ray and high speed data line applications.

The WE-XHMA is a SMT power inductor with compact design and high current capacity. The flat wire coil provides low copper losses and the composite core material allows high saturation currents. The WE-XHMA is ideal for use as a DC/DC converter for high current supplies or FPGA.

WE-HCIA is a SMT flat wire high current inductor with low losses and a low stray field. The WE-HCIA is magnetically shielded and has a current carrying capacity of up to 36 A. Applications range from multimedia applications to a filter choke for motor electronics.

The WE-CHSA P SMT high current inductor is the performance variant of the WE-CHSA. The iron alloy core leads to soft saturation, the plastic base enables excellent coplanarity. Operating temperatures from -55 °C up to 150 °C as well as saturation currents up to 48.5 A are no problem for the WE-CHSA P.

The new WE-LQSA semi-shielded power inductor is the AEC-Q200 certified version of the WE-LQS for automotive applications. The compact design and shielded construction with magnetic glue make it suitable for applications in LED headlights, navigation systems or keyless go systems, among others.