22. July 2020
Intelligent Systems

Powerful Controllers for Vehicle Functions

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Product picture ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller and ICCS 121P CAN Controller

Würth Elektronik ICS Expands ICCS Portfolio

The ICCS controllers (Intelligent Control and Command Systems) from Würth Elektronik ICS are solutions for controlling standard and comfort functions in mobile machines and commercial vehicles. Two new modules extend the product range of these intelligent and efficient controllers, which can be used independently or as an extension of an existing CAN network: the ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller for direct connection to a PCB-based central electrical unit and the ICCS 121P CAN Controller in IP65 metal housing. The controllers feature 16-bit processors and enable functions such as relay switching, sensor evaluation detection and monitoring the status of the fuses via the CAN bus.

The ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller from Würth Elektronik ICS is equipped with more than 30 inputs of various types, two CAN interfaces and an optional LIN master interface. Among other things, this enables the sensor values to be transmitted to the CAN bus or data to be exchanged between independent bus systems. It also enables gateway/filter functions and the conversion of data from LIN battery management systems or LIN rain/light sensors to the CAN bus. In addition, the controller can directly control loads of up to 2 A per output.

ICCS in IP65 Housing

Würth Elektronik ICS offers the ICCS 121P CAN Controller as an alternative to the ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller. The controller is mounted in metal housing and meets the requirements of protection class IP65. The module is based on the ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller and also has 16 additional low-side outputs. The signal distribution of the control unit is carried out via an 81- and a 40-pin connector. The connectors have several split signals that allow a pass-through design of the wiring harness. The module is also equipped with poly fuses (2×3 A and 1×5 A) for protected supply of external devices.

The two modules are programmed with ICCS SDK Plus, Würth Elektronik ICS’ development tool. ICCS SDK Plus enables graphical programming using function blocks. Alternatively, the program can be created using the C programming language. Würth Elektronik ICS supports its customers in the creation of programs.

Customers can order an ICCS SDK Plus Try & Buy Kit for independent programming.


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