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Power Distribution

PCB Based Systems for Power Distribution

Economical, Reliable & Optimized for Your Needs

Power distribution systems are among the most important components in a vehicle's electrical system architecture. With our central electrical units and power boards, we offer individual power distribution solutions for mobile machines and commercial vehicles. 

In doing so, we apply our 30 years of know-how, which we have implemented in numerous projects for different industries - for example in the form of:

  • Main power distribution boards
  • Centralized solutions near consumers
  • Solutions in the cabin
  • Solutions in the sealed enclosure outside
  • Primary power distribution boards near batteries
  • Power distribution boards with integrated controls

For customers who attach particular importance to modularity, short development times and enclosure that protects against environmental influences, we offer a platform concept for compact, modularly adaptable power distribution solutions in standard housings: REDline Power Boxes.

In the manufacture of our PCB based power distributors, we use different connection technologies depending on customer requirements. Where high currents, vibrations and difficult environmental conditions play a role, press-fit technology is the first choice. But THT and SMD soldering are also frequently used, depending on the application.

In any case, our solutions are robust, compact, economical and functional. Let us inspire you with our competence and service strength.

Our Solutions for Power Distribution

Your Benefits

Profit From Our Know-how

  • Very high vibration resistance
  • High mechanical stability
  • Low contact resistance, therefore less warming of the component group

  • Access to a large library of connectors, components and Powerelements enables the development of the product that best suits your requirements
  • Expansion capabilities can be built in from the start by integrating spare circuits and components
  • Expansion possibilities of the circuits through the software using our ICCS controllers

  • Approx. 25% average reduction of wiring harnesses
  • Reduction of maintenance costs due to very high reliability of the component group
  • Low assembly times
  • No expensive assembly accessories (e.g. frames) necessary

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Weight and space savings due to reduction of wiring harnesses
  • Wiring harness slimmer, lighter and therefore more flexible to handle
  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Easy connection of modular units, e.g. voltage converters, IGBT modules, electronic controls, etc.
  • Supply of completely assembled component groups on demand

  • Easy identification of the components due to the PCB silkscreen
  • No more need for torque controls for power connection by implementing plug-and-play solution
  • Easier identification of failure root cause in comparison to a hard wired solutions
  • Easy fault diagnosis thanks to built-in diagnostics such as 
    • LED status indicators on the relays and fuses
    • Fuse tester area on the PCB
    •  Current and voltage monitoring
  • Realization of many additional diagnostic possibilities with our ICCS product range

Things to Know About Our Power Distributors

  • Terra Felis 3 beet cleaner loader from Holmer

    Two Switch Cabinets United in One Central Electrical Unit

    For the Terra Felis 3, the world’s most modern beet cleaning loader, Würth Elektronik ICS developed a central electrical system that sets new standards.

  • Wheel loader from Komatsu

    Würth Elektronik ICS Equips Komatsu Wheel Loader

    Komatsu upgraded the user-friendliness and functionality of its products with individually developed solutions from Würth Elektronik ICS. 

  • Press picture REDline Power Box M Plus

    Robust Solution for Power Distribution

    The REDline Power Box M Plus is ideal for customers who want to place power distribution between the engine compartment and the driver's compartment in their vehicles.

  • Three versions of the REDline Power Box Hybrid

    Smart Box for a Leaner Wiring Harness

    Our reference project shows how we developed three different versions of the REDline Power Box Hybrid with customer-specific printed circuit boards.

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