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Coffee Machines

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The simplest and most common method to prepare a coffee is to use a fully automatic coffee machine. This automatic coffee maker involves several processes. From grinding the coffee beans and pressing the resulting powder, as well as filtering it with hot water to get a delicious coffee at the touch of a button. Each device contains numerous electronic circuits, for example to operate pumps or flow through heaters. With the smart home appliances, the Internet of Things enters the industry.

Würth Elektronik develops and manufactures electronic and electromechanical components for a wide range of these applications. Swipe over the plusses, to learn more about electronic products insight coffee machines.

Electronic Components for Home Appliances

In this brochure we provide you the full overview of our portfolio, dedicated for home appliances.

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Top Sellers for Coffee Machines

Powerline Common Mode Choke

Small size, high performance filter

  • L = 1.8 mH
  • Ir = 1.0 A
  • RDC = 310 mΩ

Suppression 5-Hole Ferrite Bead

High current noise suppresion

  • Z @100MHz = 580 Ω
  • I = 5 A
  • RDC = 12 mΩ

Shielded Inductor              

Low profile

  • L = 47 µH
  • I = 1.75 A
  • RDC = 160 mΩ

Snap Ferrite Nickel-Zinc RF Material

For EMC suppression of grinder motor

  • ⌀ = 4.5 - 8.0 mm
  • Z @ 25 MHz = 28 Ω
  • Z @ 100 MHz = 100 Ω