Wirelaid buildups

For our high-current technology Wirelaid we offer the following buildups:

4-ML Wire@1@4

4-ML Wire@2@3

6-ML Wire@1@6

6-ML Wire@2@5

8-ML Wire@1@8

8-ML Wire@2@7

Your desired buildup is not availabe here?
Do not hesitate to contact our product engineers. We would be pleased to help you with planning your specific buildups and applications!

The following considerations apply when selecting a Wirelaid variant:

More complex logic circuits use SMD components, such as controllers and memory with fine contact pitches. To keep the supply layers free for ultra-fine conductive components, Wirelaid wires are moved to interior layers. EMC requirements and requirements for multiple supply voltages on inner layers can only be met with standard cores and lower copper thicknesses. The number of layers is mostly the same when compared with the multilayer standard, see layout ML6 Wire@2@5.

I f heat dissipation because of direct contact with the housing plays a part, or if power semiconductors such as IGBT or D²PAK are fitted directly on the outer layer, then this outer layer is used as a Wirelaid layer with soldered wires. See layout ML6 Wire@1@6. This should also be the goal for simpler logic circuits. Furthermore, many through-contacts and therefore costs are saved, if the power components can be attached directly on the land pad of the Wirelaid wires.