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Test Methods

Reliable Printed Circuit Boards, Without Fail

Check Reliability, Detect Weak Points, Assure Quality

The printed circuit board is a complex construct made using a wide variety of materials, manufactured by a multitude of processes and it is used for a highly diverse range of applications. Understanding these interrelationships and the possibilities for influencing PCB design are a prerequisite for being able to develop and manufacture reliable PCBs. The process includes a proper specification of the requirements and needs the participation of all involved disciplines.

The manufacturing processes are highly automated and quality-monitored. Quality gates ensure that only defect-free goods are further processed. Final inspection and an electrical test are carried out before delivery.

We carry out the following test procedures:

Electrical test of printed circuit boards
Electrical testing of printed circuit boards is performed on parallel testers with part-specific needle bed adapters or by finger testers on 100% of the delivered products. For the creation of the test program the customer data is converted (CAM data test). All printed circuit boards are tested using the adjacency method.

Coil measurements
It is also possible to perform measurements on coils by agreement.

TDR (time domain reflectometry) impedance measurement
It is possible to measure characteristic impedances for specified transmission lines. For this purpose test coupons are generated and used for representative measurement.

Customized tests
For qualification and release tests, we will be happy to carry out additional tests for you:

  • Thermal cycling test, thermal shock test
  • Interconnect stress test
  • Soldering test reflow
  • Climate storage, salt fog test
  • X-ray tests
  • Pull-off test
  • TMA, DSC, CAF, SIR and FTIR 
  • etc.

Interconnect Stress Test (IST)

At Würth Elektronik, the reliability of the PCBs can be assured immediately after its manufacture by means of the Interconnect Stress Test (IST). 

Download our brochure "Interconnect Stress Test" for more information.


Test Methods

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Webinar "Reliability verification by Interconnect Stress Test - Introduction"

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