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Cooling technologies are allowing to preserve things over a longer period of time. With the help of refrigerators, food can be stored and be enjoyed at a later time. Today, the focus is based on energy efficiency, smart home connectivity and a long lifetime. Each device contains numerous electronic circuits, for example to operate various motors, which are used to drive rotation or to operate pumps or fans.

Würth Elektronik develops and manufactures electronic and electromechanical components for a wide range of these applications. Swipe over the plusses, to learn more about electronic products insight refrigerators.

Electronic Components for Home Appliances

In this brochure we provide you the full overview of our portfolio, dedicated for home appliances.

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Top Sellers for Refrigerator

Powerline Common Mode Choke

Frame Core

  • L = 1.2 mH
  • I = 2.5 A
  • RDC = 0.1 Ω

Tiny Multilayer EMI Suppression Bead

Low size 0402, high impedance performance

  • Z @100 MHz = 1000 Ω
  • I = 480 mA
  • RDC = 0.48 Ω

Powerline X2 Boxed Film Capacitor

ENEC10, cULus, CQC conform

  • Pitch = 12.5 mm
  • C = 220 nF ± 10%
  • U = 275 V(AC)

Axial Solid FerriteNickel-Zinc Material

For EMC-Suppression of BLDC Engines

  • ⌀ = < 4.6 mm
  • Z @ 25 MHz = 170 Ω
  • Z @ 100 MHz = 255 Ω