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Central Electrical Units & Power Boards

Printed Circuit Board Based Power Distributors

Customized Solutions for a Wide Range of Requirements

As different as the vehicles of different manufacturers are, so are the central electrical units and power boards installed in them. It always inspires us to work hand in hand with our customers to find a suitable solution. Our customers have the choice:

  • We develop customized central electrical units and power boards according to their requirements
  • With our REDline central electrical units we offer compact standard solutions

You can benefit from our know-how and services, too.

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Why You Get Maximum Benefit From Central Electrical Units and Power Boards From Würth Elektronik ICS:

Thanks to press-fit technology, we can attach components such as connectors and Powerelements to both sides of the PCB and securely connect PCBs to each other.

As a result, power distribution can be realized in a very compact way - advantageous especially when installation space is limited.

In addition to classic components for power distribution and protection of consumers, we can integrate many other components such as controllers, sensors, etc., on the central electrical units.

This additionally reduces the complexity of your wiring harness and gives you a clean, clear and easy-to-maintain solution.

Our exclusive connector portfolio is compatible with common connector systems such as JPT, MCP, etc. For the connection of relays and fuses, we also use our own sockets and Powerelements. You also benefit from our know-how in this area.

Because we have not only invented Powerelements, but have used them in countless projects. Our range includes over 2,000 different Powerelements - and we are constantly developing new solutions.

To check the status of your electrical systems, you can, for example, integrate a fuse test area on the PCB or LED status indicators at the relays and fuses. Temperature, current and voltage sensors on the PCB can be warned ahead of time of critical conditions.

We will be pleased to advise you on the selection of suitable diagnostic options and implement them on your power distribution system. Your customers will thank you!

Management of high currents is one of our core competencies. Our efficient Powerelements can be loaded with 1000 A. High-current relays can also be connected to the circuit board without any issues.

Press-fit technology is also unbeatable as a technology in the high-current area. Applications up to 1000 A are not a challenge for our power boards.

Protection against temperature fluctuations, dust and, water is a high priority for mobile machines and commercial vehicles. For many manufacturers, we therefore also directly develop suitable housing solutions.

Thanks to the know-how from the development of our REDline Power Boxes, we implement all requirements quickly and competently.

Our ICCS controllers can be connected to the printed circuit board by plug-and-play. Thus, in addition to the classic electromechanical power and signal distribution, our Central Electrical Units offer other helpful functions such as

  • Control of the functions according to a defined logic
  • Relay switching and fuse monitoring
  • Components monitoring
  • Monitoring of CAN communication
  • Transmission of sensor values to the CAN bus
  • Gateway functions (LIN to CAN or CAN to CAN)

Things to Know About Our Central Electrical Units

  • Terra Felis 3 beet cleaner loader from Holmer

    Two Switch Cabinets United in One Central Electrical Unit

    For the Terra Felis 3, the world’s most modern beet cleaning loader, Würth Elektronik ICS developed a central electrical system that sets new standards.

  • Wheel loader from Komatsu

    Würth Elektronik ICS Equips Komatsu Wheel Loader

    Komatsu upgraded the user-friendliness and functionality of its products with individually developed solutions from Würth Elektronik ICS.