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Easy Component Selection and Performance Simulation

REDEXPERT Online Platform

From Lab to Desk in Seconds

The REDEXPERT online design platform provides low entry access to electronics design with highly accurate component and circuit models. You can easily filter on various product features, or determine the performance within your application, and compare them in charts. All data based on lab measurements.

Get the inductor AC and DC losses for your DC-DC converter or design an EMI filter – all based on your specific application. It will drastically reduce your time needed to select the best component.

Preview of REDEXPERT functions

Integrated Tools

REDEXPERT Includes the Following Features

Simulation and Design Applications
  • Inductor simulation and selection for DC/DC converters
  • The world's most accurate AC loss model for power inductors
  • Design a 4-component EMI filter sub-circuit from scratch
  • Resonance tank for wireless power transmission
  • Pulse simulator for PCB ferrites
  • Impedance finder for attenuations
  • Energy consumption and range calculator for wireless data transmission
More Features
  • Available in 6 languages
  • No registration required
  • No installation required
  • Order free samples directly
  • 36 modules of the product family, trend increasing
  • 20 simulation applications, trend increasing
  • Comparison of inductance/current and temperature rise/DC current via interactive measurement curves
  • Easy filter settings for electrical and mechanical parameters
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Benefit From the Following
  • Access to the EMI filter designer
  • Add up to five freely movable chart markers
  • Compare losses in the article table and filter by the lowest loss or temperature rise
  • Use manual loss calculation independent of the converter topology
  • Full access to all diagrams, also for download
  • Pre-load module(s)

Presentation & Tutorials

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REDEXPERT - Your Online Component Work Bench

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Getting Started With REDEXPERT

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How to Use the Charts in REDEXPERT

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Attenuate Noise and Design Proper Peak Current Proof Filters With REDEXPERT

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REDEXPERT DC/DC Converters – World’s Most Accurate AC Loss Model

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REDEXPERT: Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) – Mix and Match Wireless Power Coils

More Information

The picture consists of 4 single pictures. At the top a current of a DC/DC application is shown, at the second place a corresponding component with oscillations around it and at the third and last place a diagram of the current flow is shown.

Losses in storage chokes are one of the crucial factors in the design of efficient power supplies. With our world's most accurate AC loss model in REDEXPERT, the complete AC losses can be precisely simulated at any operating condition.

Advantages of the Würth Elektronik AC Loss Model

  • All core material types
  • All core geometries (not only toroidal cores)
  • Air gap and associated fringing effects
  • Effects and changes in winding structure
  • DC bias is taken in consideration for inductor recommendation and calculations

The model was measured with a square wave voltage resulting and a triangular inductor current.


Compared to Steinmetz, the Würth Elektronik model provides higher accuracy over a wide range of duty cycle.

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With this application, you can design a discrete EMI filter for conducted differential noise from your input parameters. This application takes the guesswork out of EMI and reduces the time and cost.  It is the first filter tool from a component manufacturer on the market.


  • Topology recommendation based on impedance, insertion loss & cutoff frequency
  • Component recommendation considering noise source and load impedance, cutoff frequency and parameters
  • Automatic selection from thousands of components
  • Shows insertion loss and input/output impedance
  • Simulation of non-ideal components

Screenshot of two graphs for easy component comparison

Left: Display inductance value dependent on ambient temperature

Right: Temperature rise vs DC current chart considering ambient temperature

In the technical charts you can select operating conditions of the article, like for example ambient temperature for Power Inductors. You can add multiple sliders to easily compare parts and add filters to the sliders select only the most suitable parts.