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Original Powerelements

High Current Contacts from the Inventor

Robust and Reliable Power Supply Elements for Printed Circuit Boards

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We invented the Original Powerelements three and a half decades ago. Since then, we have been constantly developing them further and, with more than 2,000 variants, have the largest Powerelement portfolio in the world. Robust, reliable and used millions of times, they impress with their excellent electrical and mechanical properties as well as flexible application options - from power supply to electrical and mechanical connections.

Powerelements from Würth Elektronik ICS impress with a high current carrying capacity and are available for the following manufacturing processes:


Discover the Variety of Our Powerelements!

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Powerelements product finder

Powerelements product finder

Use our high current contact product finder to find the Powerelement you need.

Things to Know About Our Powerelements

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    Webinar Recordings

    In informative and free webinars, we report on current topics relating to Powerelements - on drill hole tolerances in press-fit technology, the RoHS lead ban or high-current contacting in power electronics.

  • Campaign image lead-free Powerelements

    Lead-Free High Current Contacts

    We as the inventors of the Original Powerelements say: "Let it be lead-free!" – and are launching the first lead-free range of high-current contacts on the market with the LF Powerelements. Strong like the original – but lead-free!

  • Wire-to-Board: Screw connection of tubular cable lugs with PowerOne SMD Bolts

    Powerelements in the Application

    The range of applications for high-current contacts is wide. In principle, they are used wherever high currents are transmitted. Discover our application examples.