This is the story of Würth Elektronik India


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Beginning Mysore Team

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Mysore Facility Construction

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Mysore Facility

Whilst in 1971, the Würth Elektronik Printed Circuit Board Business broke the ground in Germany, it took another about 30 years until evident developments led to the decision for founding the first Würth Elektronik company in India.

Let’s turn the clock somewhat back ...

The specific momentum is now

It was the year 2000, when Microsoft launched their computer operating system Windows 2000 on the market. It was also the year when earth, moon, sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were in a quite rare planetary constellation almost in one line, it was the year when France became the European football champions and Michael Schumacher won his first formula 1 world championship with Ferrari – and the year when bright minds within the Würth Elektronik universe formulated the aim of doubling or even better tripling orders for prototypes and subsequent serial batches. Beside other effects, this would yield an even higher workload for all PCB production plants.

Initial contact

A good idea, but who would be the one to perform the data processing for all those customer layouts? By sheer coincidence, a broker located in Munich contacted Würth Elektronik exactly at that time. One of the services he offered was CAM services by the provider Naavinya Cam Solutions in India - exactly in the field of activity where Würth Elektronik had demand for new capacities.

The collaboration with the new cooperation partner started. First test orders finally in view, defined standards and workflows ensured the desired quality level. In 2005, the headcount rose from 8 up to more than 20, and the office was moved to the Stock Exchange Tower, a modern office which still today is in use beside the new site in Mysore.

The establishment

So, February 2015 came, and the growth potential allowed the transfer of Naavinya Cam Solutions into the new founded Wuerth Elektronik India Pvt. Ltd, under the leadership of managing director Harsha Adya. The first Würth Elektronik company in India was born! An event celebrated in a little opening party in a hotel by the top management together with employees and artists, singers, soothsayers and dancers.

That new intercultural way of working was a great challenge on both sides. During the first two years, colleagues from the sites in Germany went frequently there. During the meals they had together they had to admit - with red heads and gasping for breath – that still they had to learn evaluating the sharpness of the “spicy” dishes. Such „rookie pain” could quickly be eased with a piece of bread or some yoghurt. By and by, time of getting to know each other, constant teamwork and charming parties formed best relationships and friendship between fellow colleagues. The cooperation is a full success and enrichment for everybody, both in terms of professionality and mutual cultural understanding.