Würth Elektronik India is starting a special project and takes a stand against malnutrition in India. We want to accompany the project and make it visible. Join us on this. Every month you will learn how we are doing.

End of 2019: Signing the contract - our ragi-millet-project starts with great enthusiasm. We are very happy.

Covid 19 pandemics affected the interaction, but we stay on it: 4 Village profiling for a suitable location.

Various information such as population, demography, occupation, availability of millet, etc. are collected from the identified villages. It will help us to plan the intervention in a proper way to establish the enterprise.

Geographic village profiling successfully completed. Headquarter location research in selected village Bilikere. GRAAM Team interviews the Bilikere panchayat and meets the Agricultural officer of Bilikere.

GRAAM Team interviews the Bilikere panchayat and meets the Agricultural officer of Bilikere.

Community meeting for the initial identification of the potential members and motivation.

The application process was complex and posed a number of challenges for potential participants.

Applicants are interacting with local restaurant and shop owners.

Applicant-orientation: Organization of a collective purchase activity Identification of available village-resources for running an enterprise.

Planned activities are executed even in the difficult times of Covid. We are very happy to have finally won 16 women for the project.

Future female participants determined. A very warm welcome to:

Parvathi, Lakshmi, Sivamma, Neelamma, Mangla, Vanatha, Thayamma, Puttagujjamma, Prema S, Sivamma K, Savithramma, Sakamma, Manula G, Jayalakshmi, Kamakshi.

The women participants are training their skills, their basic knowledge of enterprise and management. Training moduls ensure proper knowledge transfer to the trainees.

The Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) supports the project with technological know-how transfer in Mysuru district: This includes technical training, planning production unit, quality assurance etc.

Bilikere officials offer the community hall to establish the production unit. This will be handed over to the women group on a lease for a longer period. The building is owned by Women & Child department.

The food processing unit required renovation of the building. The women entrepreneurs approached the local administration to get this work done.

All machineries are installed and kept ready for the machinery operation training from the manufaturers.

The women members have expressed their pleasure for developing food production processes by themselves.

Our Highlight: In December 2021 the production unit was inaugurated with a festive candle ceremony.

Summer 2022: Great joy and a warm hello in Bilikere when the visit of Würth Elektronik from Germany arrives.

Meanwhile, the women produce several products from the Ragi millet. Their own sales stand was ceremoniously opened.