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Printed circuit board production, part 2: RIGID.flex

We continue our series " PCB Production", building on the webinar "Basics of PCB Production, Part 1". The first part on RIGID.flex technology is intended as an introduction to the production of rigid-flex PCBs and covers constructions with one or two external flex layers.

And of course, a rigid-flex printed circuit board is also a very complex construct, produced by a large number of sequential processes from a wide variety of materials, which must also be suitable for further processing and the planned application.

Understanding this helps in PCB design to be able to successfully implement the requirements from the functional specification in the design and the knowledge equally helps in communicating with the PCB manufacturer. This webinar series teaches the basics of PCB production and is aimed at PCB designers, buyers, electronics developers and students.

In this webinar you will learn a lot about

  • The difference between flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards
  • The basic materials for RIGID.flex printed circuit boards
  • The relevant norms and standards
  • The manufacturing and production processes for rigid-flex with external flex layer
  • Application examples.

We invite you to this webinar on 12.10.2022 at 11:00 am.

We will also be happy to answer questions in the Q&A session of the live event, which will not be included in the recording - so it's worth joining us live. Feel free to send us your questions in advance by e-mail or ask them live in the webinar. We look forward to seeing you!

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