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12.12.2018 Circuits Imprimés

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology honoured as "Innovator of the Year" for INTAKT research project

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology (CBT) has once again been recognised for its innovative strength. Around 1,200 readers of the professional journals DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK and Medizin+Elektronik were asked to vote for their innovators of the year in ten categories...

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12.07.2018 Circuits Imprimés

CCI – research transfer prize in gold awarded to Würth Elektronik

The future of flexible and elastic printed circuits starts with TWINflex-Stretch

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and microintegration IZM, Würth Elektronik CBT won this year’s research transfer prize in gold ...

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16.05.2018 Circuits Imprimés

Würth Elektronik successfully completing research project of assistance system with adaptive human-machine interaction

To make physically strenuous works easier was one of the aims. To give to the craftspeople additional information about the upcoming works, was another aim. The „third arm“ for craftsmen makes both possible...

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08.05.2018 Circuits Imprimés

Body- hugging supervision of heart and lung function thanks to elastic Printed Circuit Board – Polyurethane allows measurement directly on the skin Diagnostics of new-born children promoted

Würth Elektronik Rot am See and the Fraunhofer institute of reliability and micro integration in Berlin developed an elastic electronic printed circuit board now brought to series production readiness that might decisively facilitate the diagnostics in particular with new-born children ...

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07.02.2018 Circuits Imprimés

Germany – “ Land of Ideas 2017” Würth Elektronik honoured for INTAKT

The BMBF INTAKT (interactive microimplants) innovation cluster, beat out around 1,000 other entries to be crowned one of the 100 innovative prize winners by a high calibre panel of judges at the “Extraordinary places in the Land of Ideas 2017” competition ...

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