Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology honoured as ‘Innovator of the Year’ for INTAKT research project

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology (CBT) has once again been recognised for its innovative strength. Around 1,200 readers of the professional journals DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK and Medizin+Elektronik were asked to vote for their innovators of the year in ten categories. At the end of October Dr Jan Kostelnik, Head of Research and Development at Würth Elektronik CBT, and Dr Alina Schreivogel, R & D project manager at Würth Elektronik CBT, accepted the award in the ‘Electromechanics’ category in Munich. Würth Elektronik CBT was honoured for its contribution to interactive microimplants within the BMBF innovation cluster INTAKT.

The goal of INTAKT, which is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT), is to develop the next generation of active integrated implants that solve complex medical questions. The developmental focus of these innovative adaptive systems lies in a completely redesigned interaction between humans and technology; specifically between the patients and their implants as well as the attending physician.

As a member of the cluster, the electronics specialist Würth Elektronik CBT has taken on responsibility for the development of the electronics for the implant. As a result, Würth Elektronik CBT was able to come up with a thin and mouldable circuit carrier, with which the limits of miniaturisation were advanced while functionality is simultaneously increased. This is achieved by integrating sensors, ASICs and energy components into the PCB. Proven integration technologies allowed space to be saved, but moreover, it allowed the implants to be discreetly placed in the body while also retaining reliable effectiveness.

This project should result in technology that can be used as a foundation for a wide variety of medical applications. These applications include suppressing tinnitus, improving hand grip as well as treating gastrointestinal motility disorders.