Flex-Rigid PCBs

Miniaturization, reliability, signal integrity and dynamic bending - the advantages of flex-rigid ...more

Improved design rules

Additive series process for flexible solder resist allows finer design rules for ...more

The new SLIM.flex Technology

Ultra-thin. Robust. Flexible as never before. This is SLIM.flex – the latest generation Würth Elektronik PCB ... more

Digital Standard Stackups

Import standard layer stackups into your EDA software and ensure the manufacturability of your PCB ... more

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  • Safeguarding production despite the threat of gas shortages

    We informing you about the current situation at Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology ... more

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  • Environmental protection is part of the company philosophy

    In terms of environmental measures, Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology consciously does a lot more than simply comply with the statutory regulations ... more