Reliability of Printed Circuit Boards

The printed circuit board is a complex construct made of a wide variety of materials, produced by a multitude of processes and it is used for a wide range of applications. Understanding these dependencies and the possibilities of influencing PCB design are a necessary skill to develop and manufacture reliable PCBs. The process includes a proper specification of the requirements and requires the cooperation of all disciplines involved.

The webinar will cover the following contents:

  • What is reliability?
  • Life cycle of a printed circuit board: From specification to application
  • Error patterns and test methods
  • Set screws for reliability

Reliability of PCBs (PDF)

Reliability of Printed Circuit Boards

Reliability Proof by Interconnect Stress Test (IST)


We would like to invite you to an introduction to the application of a modern test procedure for bare boards, the Interconnect Stress Test (IST). The webinar is of interest to developers, quality managers, purchasing and management. We have many years of experience with this method and will provide you with interesting insights in the webinar “Reliability Proof by Interconnect Stress Test”.

Without confusing you with too much physics and statistics, we will talk about these topics:

  • Fields of application of the IST
  • Avoidance of downtime costs, proof of reliability
  • Securing new technologies through statistical evaluation of the measurement data
  • Test procedure from planning to result
  • Opportunities for rapid and targeted design optimization

Reliability Proof by Interconnect Stress Test - Introduction (PDF)


After the successful introduction webinar, we now delve deeper into the physics and statistics of the Interconnect Stress Test (IST). We will compare the IST with the well-known temperature cycle test (TCT) and demonstrate the possibilities of statistical analysis.

The following topics are discussed in detail in the webinar:

  • Failure modes and their causes
  • Evaluation and presentation of the results of reliability proof
  • Possibilities for optimisation
  • Factors influencing the reliability of PCBs

Reliability Proof by Interconnect Stress Test - Deepening (PDF)