A very warm welcome to:

Parvathi, Lakshmi, Sivamma, Neelamma, Mangla, Vanatha, Thayamma, Puttagujjamma, Prema S, Sivamma K, Savithramma, Sakamma, Manula G, Jayalakshmi, Kamakshi


Ready for making a food product themselves

Women Talk

We wanted to learn from the women who are part and soul of this project

  • What does the project mean to you?
  • What opportunities does it offer for your future? What do you hope for?
  • What has surprised you most as a participant in the project?
  • What is the most important thing for you as a participant?

WE thank them for sharing their thoughts with us! Please find here the summary of the expressed enthusiasm.

“Aims high to provide employment to more than 20 women in our Social Business.”

- PuttaGujjamma -

“The project has given me the much-needed encouragement and motivated me to do something better in business. With this response I wanted to improve myself in the professional field.”

- Neelamma -

“Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry over obstacles and adds significance to all we do.”

- Prema -

“Overcoming challenges provides meaning to life.”

- Shivamma -

Desire to enjoy some social status and recognition in the society. Women entering business can achieve such a position of self-identity and recognition of social status.”

- Parvathi -

“It is necessary to take a multi-dimensional perspective on poverty reduction. This includes bottom-up growth strategies.”

- Manjula -

“The food production cooperative supportd turning the traditional women domestic roles like housewife and mother. Until now, most of them have a low level of education, a lack of professional skills and no enterprise experience and there was the unwillingness of rural women to undertake enterprise risk. Now women find orientation in social business.”

- Sakamma -

“The contribution of my earnings and role in the family as well as in the economic development and social transformation are essential in the rural areas.”

- Sudharani -

“With the help of social business programs we rural women are involved in small-scale entrepreneurship programs, and will attain a very good status in the family and community.”

- Gheeta -

„Women are interested in the making and marketing of member products, as well as an interest in innovating. It helps not only to save their assets but also to increase their family income.”

- Lakshmi -

“In rural areas it’s helpful to meet all challenges. Social business is not only enhancing productivity, and generating employment but also helping to develop economic independence as well as personal and social capabilities. Rural women will reach economic empowerment, they are improving their standard of living and they will strengthen the self-confidence.”

- Tayamma -

“It really helps to generate employment for a number of people within their own social system. Social business is the best tool for rural women as it enables them to add to the family income while taking care of their own homes”

- Vasantha -

“We are not yet embarked on a long journey, but we can still say that there is greater acceptance and recognition on the doorsteps of women.”

- Savithramma -

“Starting a social business has given me recognition, confidence and self-esteem”. Social business is an appropriate or viable livelihood option.”

- Mangala -