GRAAM (Grassroots Research And Advocacy Movement), a public policy research and advocacy initiative was founded with an aim of nurturing a space for evolution of public policy that embodies community ‘voice’ and is based on empiricism, democratic principles and a progressive interaction of the key stakeholders in development that includes the State, Citizenry, Private Sector, Civil Society and Academia. Towards this, GRAAM has undertaken research, evaluations, consultancies and advocacy initiatives in different sectors with a distinct focus on incorporating grassroots perspectives and a multi-dimensional approach made possible by its team, which is an eclectic mix of professionals with diverse backgrounds, interests and experiences.

The uniqueness of GRAAM lies not only in its approach to research and advocacy, but also in its perspective about development and its ability to appreciate multiple points of view. Further, being a research organization, an agency for advocacy as well as a civil society initiative at the same time gives GRAAM an identity that multiple stakeholders are able to relate with.

GRAAM is a registered charitable trust having its registered office at Mysuru. GRAAM has a dedicated multidisciplinary team of researchers having rich development insights having an experience in conducting empirical research studies and conducting large scale evaluations. GRAAM conduct action researches to develop sustainable model project to address various issues of the community and advocate the same at different level.