About us

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology has specialized the manufacturing of circuit boards in small to medium-sized orders in all prevalent surfaces and has over 1,000 employees, the vast majority of employees work in the three German production plants.

Every day, more than 120 new circuit board designs go through our production line. This is an impressive demonstration of the high degree of our flexibility.

Our more than 4,000 customers range from major corporations to one-man design offices. In addition to providing personal support by means of a dense network of more than 100 employees on the sales force and in-house staff, our customers also have the option of purchasing circuit boards online through our convenient web shop.

Internationalization is an important strategic aspect for the circuit board branch of Würth Elektronik. Würth Elektronik thus has its own sales and work preparation teams that are permanent fixtures in many countries of Europe and India.