Our Quality

The manufacture of circuit boards is a complex process of sequential constructive process steps.

A satisfactory end-product requires that every one of these process steps is executed smoothly and without complications.

No working step can be retrospectively corrected! This makes one thing clear: 100% quality is at the focus of our daily work.

... is human

The human being is one of the most important factors in our holistic quality strategy. Therefore training and qualification of our employees is a key aspect of our quality policy. Furthermore, a well functioning corporate suggestion scheme makes a significant contribution to quality perfection within the company. 

And control mechanisms that extend beyond normal bounds, e.g. a 30-point supply qualification process in addition to the functional inspection of outgoing goods, safeguard the process chain at Würth Elektronik.

We will send you our quality policy, if required

... is certified according to

Würth Elektronik circuit boards are safety tested with respect to electrical fire and accident hazards and are certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

and according to

Würth Elektronik receives seal of approval „AEO F, Authorised Economic Operator (Full) “