High current solutions with Wirelaid® - technology

Power & Logic on one PCB

Caused by the increasing requirements of power and digital control electronics in almost every industry, PCB manufacturers are facing new challenges. To combine high currents and signals at the same time, the Wirelaid technology provides a partial power management as a competitive alternative to PCBs with thick copper technology or a parallel arrangement of additional layers. The concept of the Wirelaid technology is the use of embedded copper wires in a PCB. As a result, standard conductors, which can only manage low currents, become high current tracks. This allows for the combination of power and signal processing electronics on one single board.


  • Reduced system volume
  • Wires replacing the thick copper
  • Heat reduction due to smaller cross-sectional area of copper
  • Elimination of connectors
  • Reduction of number of layers
  • Combination of power and signal processing electronics on one single layer
  • Reduction of system costs
  • Better soldering process in comparison with traditional thick copper technology
  • Thinner copper layers
  • Fewer thick copper areas through the use of partial power management

Markets and Applications

The Wirelaid technology can be found in industries such as automotive, industrial electronics, railway technology, e-mobility and renewable energies.

The typical application areas include converters & inverters, motor and drive electronics, electric motors, transmission electronics and frequency converters.

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High current Wirelaid® Technology