Printed Polymer

Printed, flat components based on conductive polymers

Increasingly smaller printed circuit boards with integrated functionality require design height optimisation and fitted component reduction. The particular advantage of this technology is that it integrates components onto or into the printed circuit board. Extensive experience in circuit design, in selecting the right materials and in processing are decisive factors in the functionality and quality of the products. We are happy to support you with designing the layout and selecting the right materials early in the development phase.


  • Improved functionality in and on the printed circuit board
  • Reduced assembly height because of flat components
  • Space savings by integration into the printed circuit board (inner layer)
  • Less solder points
  • High reliability under harsh conditions
  • High flexibility in the design

Areas of application

This technology is used in the automotive, medical technology, building technology, household appliance and security technology segments as well as in commercial vehicles.

From simple switches over intelligent connecting technology to complex resistors with HDI and thermal management, we offer the right solution for your requirements.

Our expertise – your profit!

The printed circuit board is no longer considered as a pure component carrier alone. It is part of the overall design and offers various possibilities to integrate different functions. In order to leverage our extensive know-how for the benefit of our customers, we like to support their development process from the earliest possible stage. This helps us to find the right solution for the customer’s specific requirements and keep an eye on the entire system.

Learn more about the printed polymer application options. The following tools show you how to include this technology into your system.