Standard layer stackups

How much copper do you need on the inner layers?

Our standards offer a base copper thickness of 18µm or 35µm on the inner layers. For fine structures and good manufacturability, 18µm are preferred.

Here you will find the standard layer stackups as PDF and as stackup files for Altium to import into your EDA software. The files contain not only the layer structure but also the material data.

Designation of the files

The nomenclature provides information about:

  • Number of layers - ML followed by the number of copper layers
  • Tg135 or Tg150 provides information about the quality of the base material used
  • Total thickness including galvanic copper build-up and solder resist in mm
  • Base copper layer thickness on the inner layers in µm

Example: ML6_Tg135_1,67_35

Layer stackups as PDF

Layer stackups for Altium (AD18)

Layer stackups for Cadence

Layer stackups IPC 2581

18µm base copper

All IPC 2581 stackups for download as zip-file

35µm base copper