Microvia HDI PCBs

Why Microvia Technology?

HDI (high density interconnection) circuit boards and Microvia Technology are inextricably linked. Microvias are minute holes drilled by a laser to generate the electrical connection between the layers in a multilayer circuit board.

Via in Pad microvias play a decisive role in the miniaturisation of circuit boards. “Via in Pad“ means that microvia holes are located directly in the solder pads. As microvias are very small and short blind holes, the solder deposit fills the minimum hollow space.

This technology offers many advantages:

  • Option of component layout with the smallest BGA pitch  
  • Miniaturisation with ‘Via in Pad’ technology  
  • Cost-effective generation of high wiring density  
  • Future-proof technology – components are becoming smaller all the time  
  • High reliability  
  • Reduction in inductance and capacitance effects