Wire Bonding - the advantages are persuasive!

Do you have limited space for a chip on your circuit board?

Then we have just the solution for you: Wire bonding – an outstanding connection between chip and circuit board substrate. This procedure makes it possible to apply ICs (integrated circuits) to substrates using only a minimum of space.

Würth Elektronik has experience with all common surfaces. Numerous tests have already demonstrated the high dependability of the layering and fastening technologies.

You will receive from us the right combination of circuit board and wire bonding service – everything from a single source. We will gladly submit a custom offer to you.

Advantages of wire bonding:

  • Connecting highly complex circuits at chip level with printed circuit boards
  • Sensor solutions often only realizable by wire bond application
  • Space saving compared to packaged chips
  • Flexibility in chip, package and substrate geometry
  • High reliability
  • Simple testability of the connection
  • Possibility of different metallizations of the pads on the chip carrier
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Low process temperature
  • Possibility of repairing the connections
  • Simple handling of complex circuits