Logistics on demand

We transport your PCBs to Germany by sea or air. Transport times and costs vary depending on the type of transport.

You can choose between the following logistics options:

Sea freight

Sea freight enables cost-efficient and environmentally friendly delivery. From Asia via the port in Hamburg to you, the transport time is about 30 working days. The PCBs are transported in special transport containers. These protect the product from external influences such as humidity and temperature fluctuations during shipping through three different climate zones.

Air freight

Standard is the delivery by air freight. The transit time here is about 7 days including customs clearance. The goods are received in our warehouse in Niedernhall, temporarily stored and – either immediately or on demand – shipped to you.


If things have to happen quickly, we recommend express delivery. The transport time from Asia to you is then about 3-5 working days.

Warehouse in Germany

Our warehouse at our headquarters in Niedernhall, Germany is equipped accordingly to ensure the best possible storage of your PCBs. This saves you storage space and allows you to retrieve the goods as needed.