Flex- and flex-rigid buildups

How many layers do you need?

Flex-rigid buildups are first and foremost characterised by the number of layers at the flexible regions and in particular by arrangement of these layers. The sum of copper-layers on the rigid and flexible materials defines the total number of layers.

The standard flex-rigid buildups are summarised and immediately available for free download:

Select the desired buildup and the necessary number of layers. After this, please select between the different forms of buildups those with various total thicknesses, if available.

The standard flex and flex-rigid buildups offer the advantage that they are constructed with base materials that are always available from stock and that they allow a sophisticated and cost-effective production.

Your desired buildup is not availabe here?
Do not hesitate to contact our product engineers. We would be pleased to help you with planning your specific buildups and applications!

Caution: Please take care of the following nomenclature of the buildups. The description of the layer buildups is determined as follows: "nomenclature_total thickness_thickness of the inner layer copper".

Example: "3Ri-2F-3Ri_1,6_18.pdf" means "flex-rigid 8-layers with buildup 3Ri-2F-3Ri, total thickness 1,6mm, thickness of the inner layer copper 18µm".

NEW: Nomenclature of flex and flex-rigid buildups

Generally, all IPC-2223A Class A (flex-to-install) designs are possible.

Some examples:

Flex-rigid 1F:
here 1F-5Ri

Flex-rigid 2F:
here 3Ri-2F-3Ri

TWINflex® / Flex:
here 2F-Ri

TWINflex® / Flex:
here 4F-Ri

FR4 semiflex:
here 1Ri-3Ri

FR4 semiflex:
New: here 2Ri-4Ri