Flex-rigid circuit boards: Standard for the third dimension

Flexible, flex-rigid or bendable circuit boards

The trend for miniaturisation in electronics remains unbroken. The efficient use of ever-smaller casing in all three dimensions with an integral circuit board solution is enjoying growing popularity. Whether Flex, flex-rigid or FR4 semiflex. Würth Elektronik provides you with the right technology for your product. Our experienced product managers are happy to support you even in the development phase.


  • More components in a smaller space
  • Improved signal quality and integrity
  • Easy to test
  • Very reliable in harsh environment
  • Reduces system costs
  • Weight reduction

Construction and design variations:

  • Flex
  • Flex-rigid circuit boards
  • FR4 semiflex

More in the design guide!

Areas of application

Typical fields of application for this type of technology include industry, automotive, aeronautical engineering and medical technology. It can be used for sensors, tools and vision systems, especially with the USB 3.0 standards with UL certification.

Our expertise – your profit!

The circuit board is no longer thought of as simply something to hold other elements. In fact, it is part of the system and offers a diverse range of options to integrate different functions. We want to support our customers as early on in the development process as possible so that they can get the most out of our wide-ranging expertise. In this way we can succeed in finding the perfect solution for the specific situation whilst keeping an overview of the entire system.

Find out more about the possible applications of rigid-flex circuit boards. The following resource will help to show how you can integrate this technology into your system