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12.12.2017 Printed Circuit Boards

Entry into digital PCB promising significant high precision

Started early in 2017, the two PCB fabricators Würth Elektronik and FELA with their sites in the land Baden Wurttemberg, have been jointly researching on PCB technology digitization. Prototype results in July were encouraging already...

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17.11.2017 Printed Circuit Boards

Würth Elektronik honoured for copper recycling

Baden-Württemberg state government recognises resource efficiency in circuit board production

The production of circuit boards by the Niedernhall-based company Würth Elektronik, has been declared an excellent example of resource efficiency by the Baden-Württemberg state government...

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19.07.2017 Printed Circuit Boards

Würth Elektronik and FELA collaborating on research into new technology

Innovation driven by Baden-Württemberg SMEs

Despite current stability and positive sales growth in the circuit board industry, it must be presumed that consolidation has not yet come to an end. Circuit board manufacturers are facing enormous price erosion caused by Asian circuit boards, as well as rising manufacturing costs in Europe and generally intense global competition.

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