Thinner, stronger, from one source – the new SLIM.flex Technology made in Germany

New Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology product sets standards in terms of flexibility and robustness


Whether in areas such as medical technology, vision technology, automotive or multimedia: Wherever small and smallest sensors are installed, the ultra-thin SLIM.flex products are convincing right down the line. Thanks to available standards and enormous robustness combined with maximum flexibility, the new product from Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology is now used in the CERN particle accelerator, among other things.

Maximum minimisation

“We traditionally see ourselves as problem solvers – and SLIM.flex is a prime example of this,” states Klaus Weingärtner, managing director of the Rot am See plant. “Because, paradoxically, this technology can be used to produce much thinner parts compared to other products and at the same time ensure a higher resolution for the smallest components.” This is made possible by an ultra-thin film between the layers – no matter how the layers are pressed or how the layers are constructed.

A further competitive advantage: the stackups for SLIM.flex are also available to customers in digital form. “These can be easily read in via the corresponding EDA software and do not have to be laboriously translated into the user's program,” explains Weingärtner. “This saves time and reduces errors.”

Also available for small quantities

SLIM.flex is also interesting due to the fact that it can be produced in much smaller quantities than comparable products of market competitors. This makes the innovation from Würth Elektronik relevant and interesting for research institutes, among others. But that's not all: the latest generation technology is not only available as a pure flex PCB, but also as a flex-rigid or multilayer version.

“In addition to the product, we also always provide professional advice and processing,” emphasises Michael Kress, Product Manager SLIM.flex. “Thus, the customers of Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology benefit not only from the product itself, but also from the one-stop service, which is unique in the market: From sample to series production, our specialists take over the entire manufacturing process of the PCB.”

Remarkably robust

Quality tests have shown that SLIM.flex can withstand even the highest temperature stress and thus qualifies for use in highly demanding environments. This has also been convincing in Switzerland: SLIM.flex is being installed in the detectors of the new CERN particle accelerator – the largest of its kind in the world.