Umweltschutz bei Würth Elektronik CBT

Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is an inherent part of the company philosophy and is actively lived by the employees in the Group. We work together to keep our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. Our environmental management is part of the Integrated Management System (IMS). It supplements quality management and thus has a direct and sustainable effect on workflows and processes in the company.

Modern soundproofing on buildings.

Consistent waste separation.

Company's own recycling station.

In terms of environmental measures, Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology consciously does a lot more than simply comply with the statutory regulations. In an international comparison, our environmental activities make us one of the leaders in our industry. Therefore, our customers can be sure that in the manufacture of our products our environmental impact is as low as pos-sible according to the state of the art.

Raw materials and resources

An important environmental target at Würth Elektronik is to reduce our environmental impacts to a minimum through targeted procurement and by using raw materials and resources carefully. Therefore we use in our production raw materials specifically and keep our consumption as low as possible. We are continuously developing new processes to make circuit boards smaller and lighter without reducing their performance or efficiency. We consistently use innovative circuit board technologies that allow us to save materials.

The focus is on compressed air as the biggest energy consumer.


In terms of energy-saving measures even small steps have a noticeable effect on the environmental balance like changing from single shipments to collective shipments or replacing motors with more energy efficient alternatives. Due to specific measures e.g. in the compressed air system or with refrigeration and air conditioning of systems and buildings we reduce energy losses continuously.

Würth Elektronik uses renewable energies to generate electricity where possible. For example, with solar modules on the roofs of production halls.

Documented in-house controls, e.g. wastewater quality.

Water and Wastewater

Water consumption in the circuit board plants of the Würth Elektronik Group has been drastically reduced over 15 years through investments and will be reduced even more over the coming years.

Polluted water is cleaned in the company's own wastewater treatment systems.


In every production plant exhaust air and noise have an impact on the environment. Over the last years, Würth Elektronik has invested heavily in constructional measures for soundproofing (e.g. noise barriers) and for cleaning exhaust air (e.g. by central vacuum systems, biofilter, ...). At all our locations, we remain well below the limit values for noise emissions.


Würth Elektronik always pursues a waste prevention strategy. Consumption of raw materials and resources is reduced to a minimum. Today, 97 percent of all waste produced in the circuit board plants is recycled. Waste is separated at the company's own recycling station and is recycled or disposed of by certified disposal companies.

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