Wheel loader from Komatsu

More than just a display

Multifunctional Display and Central Electrical Units for a New Machine Generation

Würth Elektronik ICS Equips Komatsu Wheel Loader

To develop its new generation of wheel loaders, Komatsu Germany has integrated integrated a modern and functional display as well as an intelligent central electrical unit and a relay box from Würth Elektronik ICS.

Thanks to this system, Komatsu has been able to upgrade the user-friendliness and functionality of its product.


The following solutions from Würth Elektronik ICS have been individually developed for Komatsu:

Komatsu wheel loader with solutions from Würth Elektronik ICS

Komatsu Germany has installed a central electrical unit, display and relay box from Würth Elektronik ICS into its WA100M‐8 compact wheel loaders.

The Solution Developed by Würth Elektronik ICS Is Used to Control Vehicle and Comfort Functions in Mobile Machines

schematic diagram of the solutions (display, central electrical unit and relay box) developed for the Komatsu wheel loader

More About the Product Solutions Used

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