Product picture  ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller

ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller

ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller

The Ideal Companion for Central Electrical Units

The ICCS 64P V2 Controller can be used as a standalone module or as part of the CAN network. It can perform logical functions or be used just as a I/O device. The module can drive loads up to 2 amps per output and has more than 30 inputs of different types.

The controller is the perfect complement to central electrical units and power boards from Würth Elektronik ICS. It can easily be connected to the printed circuit board and thus enables the control of the entire system, e.g. relay switching and monitoring of the fuse status via CAN bus.

The 16-bit processor (Freescale / NXP HCS12XEQ) with integrated co-processor has sufficient computing power to handle complex tasks. The two CAN interfaces and an optional LIN master interface allow data exchange between independent bus systems. In addition, the controller enables gateway / filter functions and the conversion of data from LIN battery management systems or LIN rain/light sensors to CAN bus.

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Application Examples

  • Fuse monitoring and relay control
  • Transmission of sensor values to the CAN bus
  • CAN to CAN gateway functions
  • LIN to CAN gateway functions
  • Power supply of devices with low power consumption
  • Interface between switches and CAN bus

Data and Facts About the ICCS 64P V2 CAN Controller

General Information

Operating temperature

 -40 °C to 85 °C (no full load at 85 °C)

Operating voltage Vsupply

9 to 30 V DC

Current consumption max. 50 mA

Ingress protection



~ 150 g


76 x 116 x 15 mm

Order Information

Available references

Order number WE ICS



ICCS 64P V2 XEQ 2 CAN HS 1 LIN master ICS-103075
ICCS 64P V2 XEQ 1 CAN HS 1 CAN LS 1 LIN master ICS-102486


Developer programmed with the software tool ICCS SDK Plus


For programming of ICCS CAN controllers, we have developed the software tool ICCS SDK Plus. This consists of a visual programming module and the USB-to-CAN adapter from Peak.

The tool offers you:

  • Visual programming based on the Eagle software from Autodesk
  • To create programs also in C language
  • To transfer the programmed functions to the ICCS CAN controller via USB-to-CAN adapter from Peak
  • Bootloader and flasher function for software updates via CAN bus

Important Note

You need the Eagle software for graphical programming. You can download the new version Eagle 9 according to your needs and requirements at: There, you can choose between a free version, which can be used for testing purposes, or an Eagle Standard or Premium version with a subscription.

The creation of the programs in the programming language C is possible without restrictions.

Components of the Try & Buy Kit "ICCS SDK Plus" on a table

You Want to Create Programs for ICCS CAN Controllers Yourself?

You Want to Create Programs for ICCS CAN Controllers Yourself?

Our Service for You

  • We will advise you on the selection of the appropriate controller
  • We configure the controllers with simple functions or we create complete programs for you
  • We train your employees in software, programming environment, CAN protocol, etc.
  • We provide you with hardware and software as a Try & Buy Kit for three months free of charge
  • On request, we can supply ICCS controllers already programmed with the required function in the series production phase
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