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Why Things Are Different for Us

Würth Elektronik as an Employer

Actually, Würth Elektronik is quite normal: We are a successful international group of companies with our roots in the Hohenlohe district in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Everything we do, we do passionately – aiming for the highest quality in our products and a unique service for our customers. What makes us special? We all follow the same mission.

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Creating Together

Creating Together

That’s what we're all about at Würth Elektronik: Creating together.
You and me – here and there – today and tomorrow – with customers, external partners, our own colleagues – but never alone.
We see ourselves as one big team: In which everyone has a place, pursues goals, develops ideas, has fun together and contributes to the common success with their individual work.

For us, that and much more means to us: Creating Together!

What Does “Creating Together” Mean in Concrete Terms?

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Collaboration is a key part of Würth Elektronik’s strength and the basis for our success. This means that we help, support and integrate each other to build a strong community. We are convinced that together we can achieve more by utilizing our individual skills because we always have the whole in mind and not just the parts.

What makes us flexible and strong as a team? Certainly the freedom and the opportunities our employees have helps in shaping their daily decisions and actions. Does this require trust on both sides? Absolutely! An attractive working environment and support in every individual phase of life are also part of this for us. Our strongest conviction is to put people at the center of our actions and decisions.

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At Würth Elektronik, we consciously live an open-minded, friendly and appreciative corporate culture. Worldwide, we are a large team of unique people and personalities. We see our differences in terms of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, inclusion, religion, worldview and social background as enriching.

Why are we convinced of this? It is because of the diverse characteristics, skills and very personal experiences that we bring to our work that allows us to add value for our company – and ultimately for ourselves.

Our commitment: We are committed to respect and acceptance. We have been part of the “Charta der Vielfalt e.V.” initiative since 2015. Within our in-house project group “WoMen: WE lead together,” we engage in interdisciplinary work in various working groups on topics such as career and family or career planning and transparency.

There is currently a lot of discussion about addressing gender-diverse employees and the associated recognition of gender diversity in the work context. To be honest, we are still searching for the right solution that suits us. We are working towards addressing everyone in a non-judgmental and respectful manner. For the meantime, we use the masculine and feminine forms on the career page. Thank you for your understanding.

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We grow with fun, individually and as a company – to move forward together.
As an employer, we offer plenty of room for development and, in addition to developing skills, support the individual paths of our employees at all times.

For some, this means taking on increasing responsibility in a team while others want to develop maximum professional expertise in their field.

Attractive opportunities and career paths are constantly emerging as a result of our continuous growth. Your own location is becoming too small? No problem – a suitable solution is sure to arise internationally.

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Würth Elektronik is success-oriented, no doubt about it. But for us, the definition of success is focused not only on numbers, but also on people. Because we are convinced that success comes from the efforts of the community, not from individuals.

As an employer, we are successful when our employees enjoy their jobs and then return to their private lives satisfied and energized – creating the right conditions is our daily challenge.

What else does success mean to us? Solution orientation instead of pure number orientation, always with the goal of inspiring customers and colleagues alike. Everyone contributes to the company’s success with their work. Goals are set together. The same applies to the achievement of goals. And what happens when we succeed? Well, then we celebrate together.

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What we offer

What we offer

As an employer, we want to offer all employees the right conditions, so that everyone can combine their individual professional and private lives in the best possible way. As part of Würth Elektronik, you will benefit from a wide range of site-specific offers and advantages. You will find a selection directly on the job advertisement or also in the site presentation. Alternatively, simply talk to us in person during your job interview.

Working at Würth Elektronik

Job Safety

Würth Elektronik is a very successful group of companies , offering a stable job environment. Job security is always our top priority. Being part of the Würth Group also provides an additional strong environment.


Würth Elektronik is represented in 50 countries around the world. International, close cooperation between different departments as well as intercultural teams are a matter of course for us. In some areas, there are also opportunities for short- but also long-term international assignments and secondments.

Flexible and Mobile Working

At Würth Elektronik, home office, mobile and time-flexible working are an integral part of the design of everyday working life. We will work together to find a customized solution that fits both your life situation and the professional conditions of your position so that you can be committed to your job and at the same time shape your private life as you wish.

Other offers we can make to you include:

-    Part-time solutions
-    Sabbatical
-    Additional unpaid leave


If you work hard, you deserve a break. At Würth Elektronik, you can enjoy this with discounted or free hot drinks. If you’re feeling peckish, we offer a wide range of delicious meals in our in-house canteens, provide you with free fruit for a quick vitamin kick in between meals, or provide you with meal coupons for external offers.

Additional Benefits

Our employees enjoy many other additional benefits and perks, such as:

- Special payments, e.g. for birth, wedding, anniversary
- Special leave, e.g. for relocation, birth, wedding
- Allowance for company pension plan
- Capital-forming benefits
- Birthday voucher or gift
- Würth Corporate Benefits

Life, Family and Career


Job or family? That question belongs to the past! We want our parents to be able to be active on the job with peace of mind. That means, for example: Individual planning of parental leave, childcare hours adapted to working hours but also opportunities for personal and professional development. We want to help you meet the demands of your position and those of your family. This is worthwhile both for you and for us: If you, as parents, know that your offspring are in the best hands, you will be able to develop your skills more freely at work as well.

To support our mothers and fathers in balancing work and family, we offer various solutions at the Würth Elektronik locations. Examples are:

  • Advice and support for parents-to-be
  • Flexible re-entry options during or after parental leave
  • Location-dependent childcare 0 – 3 years or daycare subsidy
  • Vacation programs
Care of Family Members

The issue of care or the need for care can affect us all at any time, either personally or in our close environment, which means a major break in life and can therefore also significantly upset the compatibility of private and professional life. To support our employees during this difficult time, we offer various options.

Development with Würth Elektronik

Career & Further Training Opportunities

For our employees, we strive for holistic personnel development that does not ignore any of the three development perspectives: Career, professional competence and personality. Accordingly, it is our claim as a company to show everyone their individual development opportunities and to support them in the best possible way with the appropriate offers. Examples are:

  • Annual staff appraisals
  • In-house personnel development programs
  • WElearn – our digital learning platform (depends on the location)
  • Cooperation with the Würth Academy
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Development opportunities within the international Würth Elektronik Group and the Würth Group

Health & Leisure

Health & Precaution

The health and protection of our employees is our top priority – whether in an acute emergency at the workplace or in long-term preventive care. That’s why we offer a wide range of possible preventive benefits (e.g. company pension scheme) and provide information on topics such as nutrition, exercise or stress management at regular health days.

Sport and Culture

Our extensive sports and creative program WEtality offers many opportunities to get active and creative. With up to 80 different sports, cooking and creative offers as well as cooperations with external partners, two positive aspects are combined at once: The lectures, courses and events not only maintain your physical and mental health, but also promote a sense of community within the company.

Extensive Art and Cultural Offer 

Thanks to our affiliation with the Würth Group, our employees enjoy discounts at many events, such as concerts, open-air events and sporting events. In the Hohenlohe region, the museum and Kunsthalle Würth are also always worth a visit thanks to the changing exhibitions.


Dualis label

Training and the promotion of young talents are particularly important at Würth Elektronik. However, we do not limit the quality of our training to the mere teaching of content. It starts from the very first contact between us and the future trainees and extends throughout the entire training period thanks to individual support at eye level. Intensive support during the examination phase and early interviews with our trained instructors are also a matter of course for us.

These and many other aspects of our training were examined by the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), which awarded us the Dualis seal as an excellent training company in 2016 following a comprehensive audit. In 2019, Würth Elektronik was recertified and awarded the seal for a further five years.

Capital label

For the fourth time in a row, the Würth Elektronik Group has been named one of the "Most Innovative Companies in Germany" in the innovation ranking by Statista and the renowned business magazine Capital.

The five out of five possible stars in the category "Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Automation & Measurement" and two points in the criterion "Patent Relevance" confirm that Würth Elektronik is perceived in the market as an innovative promoter and enabler of advanced technologies and is valued as an important technology partner by a growing number of companies.

We are delighted to receive this award and at the same time see it as a motivation to continuously work with our customers and partners to enable innovation, advance technologies and promote sustainability.

Are you interested in how our employees rate Würth Elektronik as an employer?
On our Kununu page you will always find the latest ratings and can filter them, for example, by area of activity or division within the Würth Elektronik Group.


A green seal of predicate with the "Family-conscious company" and "Excellent Digital" awards

We are proud that Würth Elektronik eiSos was able to impress with its "above-average commitment" directly in the first audit, both as a "family-conscious company" and in the "Excellent Digital" category. 
From advice for parents-to-be, childcare options and flexible return-to-work options to advice/support for caring for relatives: Our employees can rely on us to provide them with the right support in challenging situations. 
The "Excellent Digital" award explicitly confirms our success in the continuous expansion of a digital working and learning environment. Mobile working, hybrid meetings, digital health programs and online training opportunities are now an integral part of our work culture.

A seal of an award can be seen

Innovations in the context of digitalization promote entrepreneurial and economic development. Patents secure the exclusive use and therefore represent a particularly important manifestation of innovation.

CHIP magazine has once again comprehensively examined patent registrations of German organizations in "digital" patent classes. In this way, companies and organizations were determined that are particularly innovative in this field and are thus real pioneers.

We are delighted that the Würth Elektronik Group meets the criteria of Digital Innovator 2023 and that we have received this award as proof of our innovative strength!

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