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IC-Hersteller (87)


LED Driver IC for Lighting BD521GOFJ


Eingangsspannung198-242 V
Ausgang 160 V / 0.27 A


BD521GOFJ is an AC/DC converter for LED lighting.This IC can be applied to quasi-resonant typedhigh-side LED driver application, and the high currentprecision and low EMI noise can be achieved.Moreover, owing to the built-in PFC (Power FactorCorrection) converter, the harmonic is improved.By choosing the external MOSFET, the LED driversfor from low power to high power can be achieved. Sothat, it can be widely used on from the low powerlighting such as spotlight to the high power lightingsuch as base light.Owing to the external current setting resistance, apower supply design with a high degree of freedomcan be achieved.


  • MOSFET excluded
  • Quasi-Resonant current control
  • VCCUVLO/VCCOVP protection
  • Non isolation (buck) topology
  • Single-PFC included

Typische Anwendungen

  • LED Bulb, Down-light, Tube Light etc. Electrical Machineries for LED Lighting

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